About Us

Welcome to republicofskaters.com. You’ll learn about different interests in skateboarding here. We are two friends from San Francisco, Arty and Davon. Skateboarding for us is not only a means of transportation but also a lifestyle. Since childhood, we have been fond of this sport. So we are experienced and know a lot of useful features. From the beginning of our passion, we sought to share helpful tips. There are many skateparks in SF, where we had the opportunity to learn various tricks. So we decided to create our site and share useful instructions, guides based on our own experience. After all, who can better know all the nuances, types of skateboards, and other, than professionals?

Why Us?

Arty and Davon
Arty on the left, Davon on the right ^_^

We are avid skateboarders and share our own experience on the site. Our instructions are useful for all people who enjoy skateboarding. If you are just starting your studies, you’ll be interested in:

  • Guides on how to … (choose, skate, stand on the deck, do not lose balance, fall correctly, etc.);
  • Which skateboard will suit you in size and style;
  • Variety of models (longboard, streetboard, skateboard, pennyboard, freeboard, and many others), and their comparison;
  • What elements does the board consist of;
  • What protection does a skater need?

If you already know how to skate, then take a few useful techniques for performing various tricks (Ollie, Nollie, Flip, Grab, and others).

We are sure that skateboarding helps to change yourself. It is better to trust professionals and stay unharmed and not get injured.

Our Goal

We believe that skateboarding is something worth living for. That’s why we set a goal by creating a website. We strive to interest sports fans and encourage young people to skateboard. After all, the feelings and sensations that you experience on the board overwhelm the soul. Skateboarding hardens you both morally and physically. Of course, it can be exciting for professionals and dangerous for beginners. Therefore, we suggest reading various tips and guides. Our goal is to teach you many tricks while skating. We give you instructions on how to choose accessories and protection so that you can enjoy safe skateboarding later. When you master such art, you stop worrying about what is happening in the world.