Are Boosted Boards Waterproof

Anyone who has an e-board is interested in many questions about its use. It is especially interesting for many riders, where they can ride and in what weather conditions. Can rain or snow damage your products and your safety? You don’t want to break the board or hurt yourself, do you? Therefore, this article is created for those who want to ride even in rainy weather. Let’s find out, are boosted boards waterproof? We compare several types. In addition, you will learn how you can protect your tool from water. So, let’s go.

Can We Say that the Boards Are Waterproof?

When I first thought about riding my boosted board in the rain, I started reading various articles. The manufacturers claim that the boards are water-resistant. They do not forbid taking tools outside in rainy weather. According to them, the battery and motor are protected. However, many riders demonstrate opposite proofs.

I concluded that the boards are waterproof. You can ride in the rain, even passing small puddles. However, dry it at home immediately. If your skate drowns for a long time, then it will be a problem for you. Water can still enter the electronics and damage the motor. In addition, all iron parts spoil quickly and rust.

boosted board in the rain

What about other models? Let’s compare several boosted board types, like Mini, Mini S, Stealth, Plus V3, V2 Plus on water-resistant and other features. I write them all on the table.

Board Length Water Speed Battery last
Mini 29.5 inches Yes 20mph 14mils
Mini S 30 inches Yes 18mph 7mils
Stealth 38 inches Yes 24-38.6mph 14mils
Plus V3 38-40 inches Yes 22-24mph 14mils
V2 Plus 38 inches Yes 22mph 7 mils

So, the tools can withstand puddles or rain. However, it is not designed for complete immersion in water. It turns out that all models are water-resistant, as I indicated in the table. However, any boosted board is waterproof. All the same, a deck, bearings, trucks can be considerably damaged. The motor or accumulator can burn. Riders need to think about the risk first.

In addition, there is another feature regarding driving and your safety. You may lose adhesion to the surface of both the board and the ground. As a result, you risk losing control of the tool. Therefore, you can fall and hurt yourself.

Can I Make My Electric Skateboard Protected From Water?

electric skateboard waterproof

Manufacturing companies assure us of the impermeability of the main components. However, what should we do with the board, wheels, and bearings? They remain at risk of getting wet and damaged. I will give you some tips on how to make an electric skateboard waterproof.

  • The use of neoprene foam is impermeable to water. You can utilize it for your deck.
  • Silicone, glue gun, sealant will be able to fill some cracks and holes.
  • A simple polyethylene film can slightly reduce the impact of rain if you do not have a specialized cover.

Tips for Boosted Board Skaters

  • Sometimes, skateboarding can lead to injuries on the knees or other parts of the body. Therefore, it is better not to drive without protective equipment.
  • After the rain, you still better clean and dry your skate. I especially recommend cleaning bearings and wheels, which can accumulate dirt after rainy roads.
  • Do not go outside in case of heavy rain. Also, do not ride specifically in a puddle, and do not throw your tool into the water. Your deck may still get very wet. Do you want to change the battery, motor, or board earlier than necessary? I do not think so.

In 2020, the boosted board went out of business for many reasons. Boosted USA purchased the remaining range of products. As far as I know, it does not produce new products. It remains for you to pay attention to the range that is in stock now. Of course, if you want to buy the board.

Wrapping Up

I think you understand the effect of water on the boosted board. Today’s models are protected from water penetration into their electronics, according to the manufacturers. However, I would still advise you to think carefully before taking them in the rain. Many riders claim that the electric skateboard still suffers from water damage. Also, if the battery is protected, then consider wheels, bearings, or nuts. Moisture also has a bad effect on all these parts. They can rust and break quickly. What about the board? It is also created from several layers. Over time, it can flake off and swell after water. Therefore, the answer remains with the owner of such tools.

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