Best Full Face Longboard and Skateboard Helmets

I sometimes hear different opinions about wearing headpieces while skateboarding. Of course, everyone has various thoughts. Some people consider that helmets are selfish and ugly accessories. On the contrary, some people like to feel safe or worry about their child’s safety. I am a fan of headpieces and belong to the second category of people. So, I decided to advise on how to pick up the right and suitable accessory. And I picked up the top five best full-face longboard and skateboard helmets.

How to Pick Up Ideal Full Face Skate Helmet for You? – Buyer’s Guide

Both experienced individuals and beginners probably understand the importance of protection when skating. I do not advise anyone to ignore such rules. Quite often, I met extreme people with a frivolous attitude. As a result, most riders who drive without helmets, knee pads, and other equipment take a long time to recover.

The most serious consequences are landing on the back or head. Therefore, good protective gear is already part of your success in the worst situation. Some states even ban skateboarding without headpieces. I think this is a principle rule.

Sometimes, everyone is confused and can’t decide on a choice. What is the best skateboard helmet, and what to look for? What’s a meaningful function? So, let’s try to learn a few steps of choosing the right headpiece.

What Are the Types?

By visiting any store, the buyers can get confused with the choice. Because they see differences in shape and size, type, materials, and application. First of all, you need to look closely at the style. The most common in the world of skateboarding is the usual classic and full face.

  • Classic items look like a bowl. They protect the head well even when performing tricks. They are not heavy, with the right geometry, but I find them funny in appearance.
  • Full-face is already more beautiful in shape and has a stronger level of protection. They cover the head and even the lower jaw. It is more like a motorcycle. Besides, it weighs much more than the classic, and you can feel cramped. However, in my opinion, they still protect more.

What are the Benefits of Wearing?

Modern manufacturers try and create useful things for defense. And I think such inventions are wonderful. Why should you wear a helmet skateboarding? If you put on them, you will feel calmer. They take blows on themselves and preserve your body. I often fall, like all riders, but sometimes, I don’t even feel pain when I hit the defense.

Size Selection: Features

The wrong size of protective equipment may not help you in an unforeseen fall or even harm. So, every rider must learn and understand how to measure skateboard helmet size. So, you can only find out the proportions by measuring the head. However, you should also pay attention to the brand and size chart. Choosing it according to the roundness of your head is a momentous condition.

  • Start the measurement around the ears, eyebrows, and nape.
  • Use a flexible tape measure.
  • You can measure an old model or a friend’s item from the inside if it suits you.

Don’t forget to replace too old damaged products with new ones that will protect more.

Tips for Choosing

A headpiece is a very important accessory for you. If you don’t drive too fast and professionally, a side skater can hurt you. What do you need to know when choosing? I always emphasize a few rules.

  • Rule 1. Choose quality and branded items. It will protect you and make you look cool.
  • Rule 2. Choose the right size.
  • Rule 3. Pay attention to the substrate and inserts inside.
  • Rule 4. Prefer bright colors and even with a reflective surface.
  • Rule 5. Carefully inspect all latches, fastenings.

I advise you to consider your solution to the choice. After all, protective equipment can save you from a long process of treatment and rehabilitation.

Best Choice
Troy Lee Designs
Troy Lee Designs
Absolute 100% Safekeeping
It is ideal for riders who love extreme and crazy riding. It defends the head on all contours, including the jaw. You won't be hot even in summer because it has many holes. So, you get good ventilation.
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TOP 5 Full Face Skateboard Helmets in 2021

ImageModel & Specs
#1. Demon Podium
   • Size - 13.9 x 10.25 x 10.1 inches;
   • Weight - 2 Pounds;
   • Outer Material - Polycarbonate
   • Purpose - Unisex-adult.

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#2. Bell Drop Youth
   • Size - 13.5 x 9.3 x 9.2 inches;
   • Weight - 2.4 Pounds;
   • Outer Material -?
   • Purpose - Unisex-teen.

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#3. Bell Transfer Adult
   • Size - 15 x 11 x 12 inches;
   • Weight - 3.35 Pounds;
   • Outer Material - Polycarbonate
   • Purpose - Unisex-adult.

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#4. Troy Lee Designs
   • Size - 14.75 x 10.5 x 12 inches;
   • Weight - 3.1 Pounds;
   • Outer Material -?
   • Purpose – Men-adult

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#5. ROCK BROS for Kids
   • Size - 12.5 x 9 x 7 inches;
   • Weight - 13.4 Ounces;
   • Outer Material - Polycarbonate
   • Purpose - Boys/Girls-child

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Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet

Demon Podium Full Face Bike HelmetAre you searching for cheap full-face longboard helmets? Demon United headpiece is inexpensive compared to a similar structure and content things. So, I recommend it as reliable protection for skating. It is stylish and looks attractive. Thus, you don’t look funny but, on the contrary, cool, as for me.

Special Details

The item is structured in a circle. EPS foam serves as a substrate, so the head is dependable inside too. You may drive fast. And, in case of a fall, I think you’ll be with all your teeth. The casque is strong and holds the lower jaw well. However, it doesn’t fit the size shown in the table. The head dimensions ought to be carefully identified. But I establish to take a larger size. Such models are undersized according to purchaser reviews.


  • Lightness on the head;
  • Comfort;
  • Reliable safekeeping;
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Smaller in size than indicated;
  • Cheap weak strap;
  • The substrate is not removed for cleaning.

I recommend these items as quality protective gear at an affordable price. You can ride with Demon Podium headpiece on crazy trails and dangerous slides. I think it will save your head from serious injuries. However, choose your size, taking into account all the features.

Bell Drop Youth BMX and Skate Helmet

Bell Drop Youth BMX and Skate HelmetDo you require a powerful downhill skateboarding full-face helmet? I advise you to look at the Bell Drop headpiece. It has a classic shape and is adapted to the form of the skull easily. The main thing is to select the right size. This model is soft inside for comfy adaptation on the head.


The model is suitable for children from 8 years old. And it fits teenagers and people with a maximum head circumference of 58 – 61 cm. It adjacents well and preserves completely. Everyone may bike, skate, and other vehicles. The headpiece is created for both boys and girls.


  • Convenience;
  • Good shape;
  • Soft substrates.


  • Weak protection;
  • Not high-quality internal inserts.

So, after reviewing, I concluded about the model from the BELL brand. In my opinion, it is too weak for professionals. The heavy tricks and insane speed leads to falls. According to customer reviews, this item will not protect 100%. However, if you buy it for children to safeguard when cycling or skateboarding, it will certainly pay off. So, you need to determine how you drive and whether it will help you.

Bell Transfer Adult Longboard Helmet

Bell Transfer Adult Longboard HelmetThe best longboard helmet should be not only strong but also stylish, right? This Bell Transfer headpiece can come in handy even at breakneck speeds. It is created of polycarbonate on the outside and has a soft backing on the inside.

The Main Features

The item has all the necessary functions. You hide your head and lower jaw and do not damage it when you fall. The plastic on the outside appropriates to take a hit on itself. So, I think your head will be intact. The substrates hold the head tightly along the contours. Besides, you can remove them for cleaning.


  • Good design;
  • Not a high price;
  • High-quality construction;
  • Large sizes are available.


  • Cheap strap;
  • Few holes for ventilation.

I recommend the model for all riders who love extreme and riding comfort. The headpiece has a low price but justifies itself and protects reliably. Most buyers are happy with the purchase. So, you may select the right dimensions for yourself and ride safely.

Troy Lee Designs Adult Full Face Stage Helmet

Troy Lee Designs Adult Full Face Stage HelmetDo you want to find the perfect headpiece in terms of design, style, and protective functions? Then the headpiece from Troy Lee Designs you will like for sure. Its design protects the entire face and the lower jaw as well. Besides, it fits perfectly on the head. You may feel a slight pressure at first. However, as I have tried several variants, I know that this feature is the norm.

What is Notable?

The model is made of durable plastic. It has soft EPS pads inside that add comfort to your head and ears. Besides, you feel comfortable even in summer. The inserts come in different sizes and can breathe. Thanks to the many openings, the ventilation works perfectly. The fastener is a modern invention with magnetized clips.


  • Powerful protection;
  • Stylish design;
  • Excellent ventilation.


  • May crack during a strong impact;
  • Dimensions are smaller than specified;
  • High price.

After good analysis and reading the reviews, Troy Lee Designs is the best helmet for the boosted board. It is suitable for beginners and professionals. Also, I am satisfied with its high-tech content. The headpiece can protect against even the most serious injuries, including neck and concussion. Although the item structure is advanced and fully equipped, the casque is light on the head.

ROCK BROS Full Face Skate Helmet for Kids

ROCK BROS Full Face Skate Helmet for Kids

Children very often love adventure; extreme and even worse, have no fear. This leads to scratches at best and severe injuries at worst. I suggest looking at the ROCK BROS model to protect your child’s head and neck. It has many features and will give complete security.


The thing is made of PC plus EPS foam. The inner lining is alterable, and you easily wash it from dirt. The lower part is also removable. So, your child can ride in two versions. The material is breathable and provides good ventilation. Besides, the child can wear this tool for different sports. I believe you can consider this full-face helmet as the best for an electric skateboard.


  • Folding design;
  • High level of security;
  • Bright colors;
  • Cool design.


  • Cheap strap;
  • The smell of plastic.

Given all the reviews and features of the product, I have my opinion. Of course, I support headpieces and believe that with them, you hurt yourself less. Therefore, children are very energetic, especially when playing, skating, etc. I don’t see any negative features in this headpiece, so I think you should buy it. And I’m happy with the brightness of colors and design.


What Size Skateboard Helmet Do I Need?

You need to measure your head. To do this, take a special soft ruler used by seamstresses. Circle it around the head, including the area above the eyebrows, on the forehead. And finish the process at the nape of the neck. The number of inches will let you know what size you require.

Do Helmets Protect Against Fearsome Injuries?

Of course, any gear is effective in many serious falls. Therefore, if you fell and hit your head on a stone, the headpiece will probably protect you. However, you cannot be insured against concussion. Such equipment does not save in all cases.

Does the size of the helmet affect the protection?

Yes, the right size will give more reliable protection. From my experience, you must feel slight pressure of the headpiece on your head. Because if you take a large object, it can split in a drastic fall and even cripple you.

Final Words

A worthily selected full-face skateboard helmet has a great advantage for anyone in extreme situations. Believe me, you will feel safer. If you do not wear a casque and other equipment, you may suffer various head, arm, or leg injuries resulting from the fall. I hope my selection tips have been helpful to you. Always pay attention to size, material, and other features. Select only the preferable and suitable variant because it can save your life.


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