Best Longboard for Cruising and Carving

It’s pleasant when you fly down the street on a wide board quickly and without thinking about anything else, just calm, adrenaline, and breath-taking. Are you new on this occasion? Have you always dreamed of starting your cruise and doing longboarding? Then you should pay attention to the choice of quality, correct in size, according to the purpose of the means for travel or entertainment. To find the best longboard for cruising and carving, you need to think and understand certain features and listen to advice. Besides, you have the opportunity to view the five best products from Amazon.

How to Select Longboard for Beginners Cruising: Buyer’s Guide

Most skateboarders have diverse boards in their sports wardrobe. After all, they all serve various purposes. Longboards can be an ideal exercise machine for fat people because of training on these tools burns calories. And performing tricks on skates requires strong muscles. However, the assortment of the boards and choice is a momentous task, especially for beginners. I will give some guides on the right decision.

Cruiser Vs. Longboard: Choice for Novice

Best Longboard for Beginners Cruising

Sometimes, people go to the market searching for a cruise board and get confused because of the varieties. It is hard to distinguish between types. What is it, and what’s the dissimilarity between them? Sometimes I call a cruiser like street longboards. It is more suitable for skiing in different areas of cities. It has a shorter deck and is maneuverable before such a ride. In contrast, longboards are weighty due to the long and wide plank and more enduring wheels. Thanks to such a system, you may utilize them to travel long distances on highways.

Wheels, Trucks & Other Hardware

A beginner should not buy accessories separately. I know that set products are great for a beginner to learn how to operate a deck. I claim that a person who already has a board will pick up the parts needed later and buy the preferable for a specific purpose. After all, the experience and knowledge of your tool come only with time. Learn to manage the finished purchased device. And after a few months, you can buy wheels, trucks and replace the appropriate size of the hardware and all its parts.

The Size of the Board is Too Momentous

Longer boards have a longer wheelbase. They are more immovable and designed to cruise at speed. Thus, the size of the board is important, depending on the type of riding. I advise novices to purchase boards in the size of 30″ to 46″. Of course, you can buy smaller cruise boards, but they are less stable, with narrower wheels. Therefore, it is better to select things wisely and, accordingly, based on experience.

What Indicators Should I Choose a Longboard for Cruising?

First and foremost, you need to consider where you are going to ride and how. After all, the modern market offers many types of cruisers that have certain features. However, most people choose from three main types:

  • Mini cruisers are the smallest in size, fast and agile. You can drive on sidewalks, uneven areas, parks, etc. They are light and most practical to perform tricks.
  • Pintail ones are ordinary longboards, which are intended for a smooth, quiet ride over long distances. Easy carving is also possible on this item. The plank is of the usual shape (36″ to 44″) with a tapered tail.
  • Drop-through models are fast enough and stable for a round trip. They have big wheels and an elongated nose and tail where trucks come in. You can also perform carving, however, only on temperate hills.

Are Proper Shoes and Defensive Gear Foremost for Beginners?

Most experienced riders often do not wear protective gear. Sometimes, you can see that their shoes are worn. However, I consider such arbitrary decisions to ride without protection too dangerous. Everyone who does this sport should take care of safety. I advise you to think about protective equipment immediately when buying, especially carving longboard decks. If you are a newcomer, you’ll fall several times in one session. I guarantee you that. And I don’t think you want to get hurt and forget about your hobby for a while.

Best Choice
Magneto Bamboo Longboard
Magneto Bamboo Longboard
For Freshman & Expert
Made of sturdy material and is designed for riders of different experiences. It has a steady board, mildly wheels, which make the thing ideal for the journey on flat or rougher surfaces. It withstands heavyweight person.
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TOP 5 Longboards for Carving and Cruising in 2021

ImageModel & Specs
#1. Magneto Bamboo Longboard
• Width – 9"
• Length – 38.5"
• Material – Bamboo
• Weight – 7.63 pounds
• Weight limit – 275 lbs

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#2. Seething Maple Longboard
• Width – 10"
• Length – 42"
• Material – Aluminum, Maple
• Weight – 7.27 pounds
• Weight limit – 330 lbs

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#3. Magneto Kicktail Longboard
• Width – 9"
• Length – 44"
• Material – Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple
• Weight – 9.46 pounds
• Weight limit – 275 lbs

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#4. Minority Downhill Longboard
• Width – 10"
• Length – 40"
• Material – Maple, Aluminum
• Weight – 7.5 Pounds
• Weight limit – 220 lbs

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#5. Volador Basic Cruiser Longboard
• Width – 9"
• Length – 40"
• Material – Maple, Aluminum
• Weight – 7 pounds
• Weight limit - 250 lbs

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Magneto Bamboo Longboard for Cruising & Carving

Magneto Bamboo Longboard for Cruising & CarvingMagneto bamboo boards are preferable among longboard brands for cruising. Also, I would say that such a model is perfect for carving or tricks due to the shape. I can easily perform some tricks on it. And a beginner can quickly fly in the wind, standing firmly on a wide and spacious board.

The Main Features

The model has a flexible deck made of fiberglass and bamboo in three layers. I think the suspensions will last a long time. They provide a fluent joyride, and the wheels soften the impact of tricks. In my opinion, this item is a great option for different purposes and various tastes of riding.


  • Strong trucks
  • Ideal for carving
  • Durable deck materials
  • Durable deck materials


  • Not too stable
  • Three layers of decks
  • Weak deck coverage

So, the Magneto brand’s bamboo board is strong and reliable for riders with particular levels of experience. You like to do tricks – the board is for you. If you want to relax riding around the city – it will also suit you. If you are learning yet – this model is for you too.

Seething 42-Inch Artisan Maple Pintail Longboard

Seething 42-Inch Artisan Maple Pintail LongboardSeething pintail longboard is a stylish accessory for every specialist who loves extreme activities. You can choose the color you like because the color scheme is diverse. It is stable and intended for all sorts of tricks, journeys, carving, or cruising.

What’s Interesting?

The board has high ratings among buyers due to its features. I advise you to pay attention to aluminum trucks that are characterized by strength and speed. The item is flexible to perform tricks and durable for travel thanks to all parts’ enduring material. The top is covered with waterproof non-slip paper for your safety during fast driving, even during a downpour. I believe you can purchase that longboard for board walking, long-distance trip, speed riding, and other entertainment.


  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use
  • Large weight limit


  • Not too high quality
  • Weak wheels
  • Not stable

So, having paid attention to all characteristics, I recommend that model for various ways of riding. I presume that beginners learn to control it during cruising or carving. It has strong, broad wheels, so you’ll land smoothly and easy after tricks.

Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard

Magneto Kicktail Cruiser LongboardMagneto kicktail cruiser is an appropriate thing for traveling on peculiar roads. The combination of materials provides stability, strength, and adds comfort while driving. Moreover, it is trendy and wide for more stability. The trucks are made of aluminum, which makes them durable, smooth, and undamaged for a long time utilizing the board.

Main Advantages

I inspected many features and benefits of this object. The wheels are soft and wide so that you can stand firmly on the board and travel far, even on rougher roads. The deck is quite heavy and can support a weight of up to 275 lbs. However, I do not recommend it for young children, because it is a little big and arduous.


  • For different riding styles
  • Strong and soft parts
  • Aluminum trucks
  • For beginners and pros


  • Not stable enough
  • Too expensive
  • Only for adults

I think that this Magneto cruiser is the best longboard for long-distance cruising. As all the features are too good for me, I recommend the board for beginners and experts. I imagine you will perform various tricks on it, carving, turns, freestyle, etc. The tool has a lot of positive customer reviews and high ratings in the category of cruisers. So, I believe it is proficient in any utilizing.

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop Deck

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard 40-inch Drop DeckMINORITY downhill maple longboard built for downhill, cruising, carving, or freestyle. The item is suitable for both beginners and pro. It has many features and a stylish design. The deck is wide, and the wheeled base is located at the edges. So, you’ll stand on it even without skills.

Universal Signs

The board is made of maple, so it is strong and flexible at the same time. I assume movement on it is smooth and fast. As I see it, the wheels are polyurethane and wide enough, and the spare parts are aluminum. So, I have the idea that it will be easy for you to stand, ride, feeling stable.


  • Eight layers of maple
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Spacious solid deck


  • It is hard to operate
  • Low-speed bearings

I find this object complete for a downhill slope with a most flexible longboard deck. It is unusual, unsurpassed, and achieves good speed. As for me, the board is suitable for a long-distance cruise thanks to the stable wheels, dimensions, and other features. And I like the design.

VOLADOR 40-inch Maple Longboard (Basic Cruiser)

VOLADOR 40-inch Maple Longboard (Basic Cruiser)VOLADOR maple longboard is a deck of beautiful design, the suitable size for a smooth cruise’s performance. Every rider, even a beginner, will be able to learn to control the board. I like the material of the board and its size. After all, it is so cool to move in the wind smoothly and without obstacles.

What’s Prominent?

The device is created in avant-garde style with splendid graphics. It is symmetrical with a permissible graft and soft wheels. Besides, this model has eight layers of flexible, strong material, and high-quality all other parts. The width adds stability and maneuverability when driving. Even novice girls may control the cruise board.


  • Beautiful design
  • Strength and elasticity
  • Performing maneuvers
  • Suitable for cruises and tricks


  • Little velocity
  • Not very high-quality trucks

I recommend this board for beginners and traveling. The device is strong thanks to a deck, aluminum trucks, and wheels (70 mm) from polyurethane. So, I think that these features simplify the rider’s learning process, and the ride is smooth.


What Style of Longboard Is the Best for Cruising?

A newcomer ought to know that there are many manners of riding. Before choosing a style of transport, I would advise you to decide on the areas where you will ride. And also think about what way of cruising will suit you. Traditional longboards are the most sought-after among newcomers. So, such pintail planks are the preferable variant for a regular long round trip. However, for carving, an individual requires a top-mount model that is more immovable due to the wheels' placement at the end of the deck. You may see another dissimilar style with a long and curved board and sharp ends. It is faster, more flexible, and simple to push.

On Which Model Is It Preferable to Learn Cruising?

Remember that longboards are created for long riding, convenient roads, and highways. However, they may have unequal shapes and dimensions, lengths, and widths. Of course, you must determine the size of the boards, depending on the purpose. Therefore, you'll find a board larger in length for cruising than a skate but shorter than a longboard. On the other side, do not forget about the width. Choose a wider deck to be more stable on hills or obstacles. So, I advise beginners to select a regular traditional cruiser for training.

Is the Longboard Adapted for Tricks?

Longboards have more weight than skates. It is harder and longer. Therefore, only experienced people can try to do tricks on it. Not everyone can even lift it off the ground, straining the whole body. Moving your legs and moving your feet is more difficult and requires more effort. However, this is real, and performing tricks is possible on such decks.


Longboarding is a fun and entertaining occupation. This activity dispels thoughts, forgets the bad ideas, listens to nature, and relaxes from everyday life. Are you a novice and looking to find and buy the best longboard for cruising and commuting? I believe that our review will guide you to what you need. However, do not forget to read useful tips in the article and find answers to the most common questions. So, we wish you a wonderful trip and pleasant relaxation.


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