Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising on Rough Roads

Very often, I notice the main question among beginners “what are the best longboard wheels for cruising” isn’t it? Of course, every part of any device is important. All skate details must be of good quality, repaired, or replaced with new ones. Such features will give each rider a pleasantly smooth ride, tricks without injuries, and without danger to health. I would pay special attention to the discs. After all, you need to know about hardness or softness, strength and size, and so on. All characteristics affect the quality of riding, depending on tastes. You can view the list of the best longboard wheels for cruising on rough roads and see tips for choosing. So, let’s start.

What to Look for When Choosing Longboard Wheels: Buyer’s Guide

Probably every fan and owner of a skateboard has often faced the replacement of constant parts with new ones or assembling the board with their efforts and skills. Those who are part of them probably know that only good wheels, selected for the deck properly, will provide good mastery of the subject and add confidence and satisfaction. So, what does a competent choice of skateboard wheels for rough roads depend on?

Wheel diameter and stiffness are the main parameters to consider when solving a problem. The tightness of the wheels also greatly affects the ride. So, let’s look at the main characteristics.

What Softness & for What Purpose Will Suit You?

best longboard wheels for rough roads

Probably every beginner is very confused about the choice of parts, especially wheels. Since there are several levels of hardness, I will suggest some rules that will help you. First, think about where you will ride. If the road is not a skate park or an ideal track, then too hard parts will vibrate strongly during the ride.

I would advise rigid wheels to be chosen by riders who already have their style, perform various jumps, tricks, slides, etc. Hard wheels are more maneuverable and faster on smooth tracks. However, these characteristics affect and reduce speed on rough roads as opposed to soft ones. So, the softer the wheels, the easier it will be for you to drive on such non-specialized roads. Therefore, you should choose softness (from 73a to 101a) for greater comfort on rough surfaces. You can choose by focusing on this option.

  • 75a – 87a (ideal for cruising or riding on rough surfaces);
  • 88a – 95a (for smooth roads or repaired smooth sidewalks, etc.);
  • 96a – 99a (for specialized routes, the smoothest roads);
  • 100a and more (as fast as possible for professionals and smooth roads).

Many beginners have questions about the softness of the wheels. In particular, many people ask about tricks, cruising on rough and bad roads, according to information on Reddit. Therefore, most riders believe that 75a longboard wheels are the best in softness. They suit long-distance travel, hard roads, and even tricks.

Pay Attention to the Diameter

As you probably know, skate decks have different sizes, widths, and lengths. Similarly, the wheels also have various diameters. Therefore, you should choose such details considering this option as well. I don’t think you will be comfortable on a small board with big wheels and vice versa.

The wheels must be at the correct and safe distance from the deck. After all, big wheels will not add stability to a small board at all. You may run into danger while riding. If the wheels are too large relative to the board, they can rub against it and interfere with the trick.

  • 48mm – 52mm (low speed, fast speed-up);
  • 53mm – 56mm (medium speed, slower speed-up);
  • 57mm – 60mm (high speed, very slow speed-up);
  • 60mm and more (huge speed, minimally slow speed-up).

So, I advise you to choose wheels that are 51mm to 56mm in diameter. This size is most suitable for almost all types of skates. Most riders try to select just such dimensions. However, remember that small wheels accelerate faster. But over time, the speed decreases, and you have to push off constantly. Large wheels, on the other hand, accelerate more slowly. However, they are gaining insane speeds, especially on flat roads.

Best Choice
MBS All-Terrain
MBS All-Terrain
Ideal for Any Ways
It is the preferable item for any rough street, uneven, pitted surfaces. They are strong and reliable in long-distance driving, soft for tricks. Due to their shape, they look original and overcome any obstacles on the way.
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TOP 5 Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads in 2021

ImageModel & Specs
#1. MBS All-Terrain
• Diameter – 100mm
• Width – 65mm
• Hardness – 78a
• Colors – Black, Green, Red, Blue, Orange
• Material – Urethane

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#2. Freedare (bearings + spacers)
• Diameter – 70mm
• Width – 51mm
• Hardness – 83a
• Colors – Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red
• Material – Polyurethane

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#3. Shark (72mm/78a)
• Diameter – 72mm
• Width –?
• Hardness – 78a
• Colors – Orange, Purple, Yellow
• Material – PU

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#4. Orangatang President
• Diameter – 70mm
• Width – 53mm
• Hardness – 77a, 80a, 83a, 86a
• Colors – Blue, Orange, Purple, Yellow
• Material – Urethane

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#5. Fireball Tinder
• Diameter – 60mm
• Width – 40mm
• Hardness – 81a
• Colors – Blue, Red, White
• Material – Urethane

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MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All-Terrain Longboard WheelsThe MBS all-terrain longboard wheels are sturdy and strong. You will feel not only stability on bad tracks from the ground but also pleasure from high-speed riding. I think this set is perfect for steep rocky or soil ground. I think that too many riders will be happy with the purchase.

What Is Weighty?

The set is presented in five colors, and this is a great advantage. I think everyone will choose a good color for their board. The discs are large, so I advise you to buy them only for big longboards. They are made of urethane, which speaks of their strength. So, I believe that no paths and surfaces will be an obstacle.


  • Gaining high speed;
  • For different track;
  • Large selection of colors.


  • Big size;
  • Quite heavy.

These wheels are new and fun for people with a hobby to ride on long distances on bad trails. However, due to their size, they are heavy, and it will be difficult for you to carry the tool in your hands. They have a medium durometer. Besides, you can accelerate your board to maximum speed.

FREEDARE Longboard Wheels with Bearings and Spacers

FREEDARE Longboard Wheels with Bearings and SpacersAre you looking for strong off-road longboard wheels? I think you can try these PU items for trips on the streets, pebble roads, and skate parks, etc. They are strong, soft, and reliable. In size, they are suitable for both large and medium decks.


FREEDARE parts are a combination of elegant style, comfortable ride, and perfect shapes. They also have steel bearings that are firmly attached to other parts of the object. Their diameter allows you to gain speed. Besides, cruising on the bad ground will be easy and without vibration.


  • Low price;
  • Material strength;
  • Beautiful design.


  • Poor quality bearings;
  • Short expiration date.

I recommend these parts for riding on poorly paved ways. According to consumer reviews, they are strong. But over time, the edges begin to peel off. On the other hand, let’s pay attention to their price. I think this feature is significant. And yet, beginners, who do not know anything in such details, have the opportunity to try them and then change to new ones.

Shark Longboard Wheels (72mm/78a)

Shark Longboard Wheels (72mm/78a)Do you want to find ideal longboard wheels for bumpy roads? You should try the Shark set. Their shape is suitable for traveling on hard ground, slopes, hills, cobbled streets, and other ways. I think you will like this set because they add comfort and a feeling of lightness even on terrible non-specialized sidewalks.


The set is distinguished by durability and created with PU for riding wherever you want. This characteristic is great. Besides, riders choose from three available shades. So, don’t worry if your skate is light or dark. You can purchase the details suitable for the color and taste. Their size is sufficient for large boards and skates of medium length. Moreover, the softness is perfect for bad ways.


  • Excellent quality;
  • Perfect shape;
  • Stylish design;
  • For uneven hard surfaces.


  • Bubbles inside;
  • High cost.

I find these parts the most ideal for the bad hard rough track. Even in rocky terrain, your board will feel fast and stable. Most buyers are satisfied with the purchase over a long period of use. The details allow the skate to move at maximum speed, without vibrations and jumps. So, I recommend buying this kit for devoted and desperate riders and professionals.

Orangatang President Cruising Longboard Wheels

Orangatang President Cruising Longboard WheelsIf you search for the best longboard wheels for rough roads, then such Orangatang President set may become what you need. They are an acceptable size for fast driving, sliding in smooth and uneven ways. You can easily come down from the hill and feel like a bird in flight.

Take Note

Probably every longboard owner wants to conquer some hills, a different track, right? Simultaneously, speed, less vibration, and comfort play a significant role for someone in the driving process. Therefore, the wheels are just that part of the whole thing that affects the quality of driving. You can choose any color from four possible. Besides, each color has its durometer.


  • Light in weight;
  • Speed in driving;
  • Strength;
  • Suitable for sliding.


  • High price;
  • Wear out quickly.

I reviewed the info about Orangatang wheels. I see that buyers are satisfied, and I almost overlooked the negative issue. If you like sliding, then I would recommend choosing this brand. Moreover, they are good in quality, and I think they will overcome even the worst coatings. Riders have the opportunity to determine the softness that will be ideal for cruising, for tricks, for a different route.

Fireball Tinder Durometer Longboard Wheels

Fireball Tinder Durometer Longboard WheelsDo you want to feel light and comfy on the board? A Fireball set is created just for comfort in the process. They are small in size, so not suitable for too large longboards. Nevertheless, they are well mild and appropriate for cruising, freeride, even for overcoming rocky roads and hills. Great, isn’t it?


Manufacturers have created these longboard wheels for sliding, bumpy areas, and even tricks. They are suitable for riding on difficult trails, in the field, on rocks, and in a skate park. I would choose them for short decks because their diameter won’t correlate well with long and heavy decks.


  • Low price;
  • Good material hardness;
  • Comfortable riding.


  • Without bearings;
  • Small size.

I like these parts as fast and comfortable. You may take turns on them easy, dancing, sliding, and freeriding. They are available in three colors, small in size. I would advise you to choose this type if you like traveling on small longboards despite the quality of the ways.


Is a Shark Or Ordinary Wheels Better for Sliding?

Manufacturers produce many types of wheels of various shapes and sizes. And of course, you should buy a product that is suitable for a particular situation. So, if you choose among the wheels for sliding, then I would choose sharks. They are adapted even for heavy surfaces due to their shape. You may also buy a street wheels type. If they have the appropriate softness, then you will be able to slide on them easily and pleasantly. To be honest, you will never know which ones work best for you until you try several options.

What influences a good ride on crude roads?

If your roads and riding areas are too hard and rough, then you should pay attention to softness. I consider the large size and softness of about 76-80a to be the best option for skateboard wheels for rough streets. Besides, riders go on cruises on such wheels. After all, they have more grips. The width also affects the stability, and the trip crude through the territories requires just such a characteristic.

What Type of Longboard Wheels Will Suit Me for Tricks?

Again, such characteristics as softness and rigidity play a role in tricks. Therefore, soft wheels are usually not designed for stunts, as they have slightly different features for riding on bad hard streets. You can buy more rigid and harder wheels, about 85a. They are less controlled but perform sliding and another trick much better.

Are Any Wheels & Their Size Suitable for a Longboard?

Think logically about this question. When choosing some details, I always advise everyone to pay attention to their tastes and the originality of the riding style. However, do you think it would be normal to ride your longboard on small narrow wheels? So, if the deck is long, I advise you to buy bigger wheels that will ensure stable riding. Accordingly, a smaller platform does not require large and wide elements - wheels.


So, I hope you understand a few basics for choosing the right longboard wheels for a smooth ride. Each rider must remember to match the dimensions of all elements. Think about diameter, width, durometer, and other characteristics. Each board needs the appropriate size of wheels. The roads are different: flat, unobstructed, pits, hard, or hills, rocky streets, etc. Therefore, softness or hardness affects the performance of tricks, smooth driving in different areas. My advice is to pay attention to the benefits and compare all the features with your desires.


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