Best Skateboard Wheels for Sidewalks

Skate without wheels is impossible, just like a car or a bicycle. The ability to achieve your goal is feasible in the presence of good parts. The good speed, successful performance of tricks, or skating on different roads depends on this part of the transport. Let’s see what to focus on when choosing an accessory. Besides, I reviewed five of the best skateboard wheels for sidewalks. I think I simplify your task right now.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Focus on When Selecting Wheels for Sidewalks

As far as I saw from the discussion on Reddit, some like to drive on the pavements, and others avoid them. Have you already learned and understood the basics of how to ride a skateboard on the sidewalk? So, it’s time to pick up fine wheels for the asphalt or pavement. After all, only well-chosen parts bring pleasure. And in the process of regular driving, you’ll strive for new achievements and goals.

You have to consider many features, like tightness, softness, dimensions, that affect the good qualities. Besides, safety in performing tricks or even in skating normally in any places also requires such goods.

What Is Softness Suitable for Your Purposes?

best longboard wheels for sidewalks

Each rider chooses the softness based on tastes. After all, fast driving, performing tricks, flat area, hard road, and more demands different wheels under the deck.

  • Softer ones withstand rough surfaces but deform faster.
  • Harder ones are faster on flat roads, but they vibrate too much and shake on stony roads.

Based on my experience, stiffer parts are more applicable for sidewalks. However, please don’t overdo it. That is, the softness can vary from about 50A to 101A. Then I would advise you to select about 85A-95A for driving on the various streets.

Which Dimension Is Preferable – Comparison

Very often, people, especially beginners, don’t imagine are skateboards allowed on sidewalks. It’s determined by the city, state, and rules. Howsoever, every person ought to pick up the right diameter as well for such places.

There are dimensions (from 48 to 75 mm) that impact the sort of skating.

  • 48-53mm – ideal for smooth areas; maneuverable, but difficult to overcome obstacles; low speed.
  • 54-59mm – for ordinary asphalt and a mini-ramp; ideal for the novice;
  • From 60mm – for high and long speed; for any places.

Notice that the details still wear out and should be measured periodically. And take care of nice sort of bearings too.

Best Choice
Orangatang Kegel Wheels
Orangatang Kegel Wheels
Excellent Speed & Smooth Ride
Perfect details for any deck pass easily, even bad rocky roads. They accelerate at an extremely fast rapidity and carry you for a lasting period.
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TOP 5 Skateboard Wheels for Sidewalks in 2021

ImageModel & Specs
#1. FREEDARE Wheels with Bearings
   • Width - 45mm
   • Diameter - 60mm
   • Hardness - 83A
   • Material - Urethane

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#2. Orangatang Cruising Wheels
   • Width - 56mm
   • Diameter - 80mm
   • Hardness – 77A - 83A
   • Material - Urethane

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#3. LOSENKA Skate Wheels
   • Width - 30mm
   • Diameter - 52mm
   • Hardness - 100A
   • Material - PU

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#4. THMEX Wheels + ABEC9
   • Width - 32mm
   • Diameter - 52mm
   • Hardness - 95A
   • Material - Polyurethane

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#5. NINEFOX Luminous Wheels
   • Width - 32mm
   • Diameter - 58mm
   • Hardness - 82A
   • Material - PU and PP

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FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings (60mm)

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with BearingsWhat are the best skateboard wheels for the street? I think these FREEDARE accessories will suit every professional and novice. They glow, so look great in the evening. Such items are of sufficient rigidity and proportions for street or other paved areas.


The strong details with a colossal breadth will meet your expectations. You’ll execute various tricks and pass all diverse roads, sidewalks, etc. They have good decor in several colors.


  • Low price;
  • Light;
  • Together with bearing.


  • Low quality.

I like these details because the figuration and appearance are impressive. They are cool and stylish. I like their dimension, and I often choose such characteristics for myself. I think everyone may drive for fun at any time on them.

Orangatang Kegel Cruising Wheels (80mm)

Orangatang Kegel Cruising WheelsThe wheels from Orangatang are the accessories that most riders are fond of. They are reliable, fast, strong, sliding for various roads, paths, sidewalks, etc. What else does a skater need? Their characteristics are ultimate for traveling far away.


I think these are the best longboard wheels intended for sidewalks and any other roads. Urethane is the material utilized to make these accessories. Most riders select them for their decks. Such details are appropriate for riding on bad trails and rutty roads.


  • Sturdy;
  • For different surfaces;
  • Maintain speed.


  • Erase quickly.

I recommend these parts as one of the preferable for sidewalks of different quality. I think you will be satisfied with them even for half a year. The softness and diameter allow accelerating to a steep speed or just riding and jumping.

LOSENKA Skateboard Wheels with Bearings and Spacers (52mm)

LOSENKA Skateboard Wheels with Bearings and SpacersLOSENKA spare parts are dependable and stylish accessories. I liked its design. Different colors are achievable, and you have plenty to pick up from. The stiffness and configuration are too great and aren’t very huge.


These skateboard wheels are for experienced individuals and beginners. They are small in size, rigid but strong. Most buyers are happy with the purchase and ride on different surfaces. Therefore, you may try this accessory, especially since the price is generally low.


  • Good design;
  • Strong.


  • Not for professionals;
  • Small dimension.

I can see that the items are lasting and rigid. But I’m not sure if they will withstand passing on poorly paved areas due to their size. However, I think it won’t be hard for anyone to have fun on sidewalks, skate parks, asphalt, etc.

THMEX Skateboard Wheels + ABEC9 (70mm)

THMEX Skateboard Wheels + ABEC9THMEX wheels are small in size but strong and rigid accessories. They glide well, quickly on roads, and conduct various tricks. I see that their structure and fabrication speaks of lasting and reliability.


If you require small but strong, stylish wheels, then choose this model. They are light, and the jumps will be easy. Besides, the durometer 90A will bring you the pleasure of driving on various asphalt areas.


  • Good quality;
  • Low price;
  • Lightweight.


  • Small dimension.

If you search for the best skateboard wheels, then I consider these THMEX items are a nice variant for the street. You may perform jumps and other tricks in a variety of areas. Therefore, I would try to buy them.

NINEFOX Luminous Skateboard Wheels

NINEFOX Luminous Skateboard WheelsDo you need bright colors and fun while skating? I suggest looking at the NINEFOX models. They are adapted to sundry surfaces and roads.


Accessories are created correctly and clear with manufacturing requirements that speak of their durability. It has normal softness and medium diameter. The item is strong enough for pavements, skate parks, and asphalt.


  • Low price;
  • Quality material.


  • Too bright lighting.

I advise purchasing the details of this brand mostly for people who like bright colors and entertaining in the evenings. These accessories will dilute your tool with vivid colors, and you’ll look cool among peers.


Wheels are the meaningful part of a skate, without which it doesn’t move. I believe that the task of choice is not difficult. The main thing is to particularize the exact purpose of driving and select skateboard wheels for sidewalks. Don’t forget to consider the type of the area, the appropriate dimensions, softness, and other indicators.


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