Can I Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

A lot of people think that the airplane is one of the most expensive ways to travel. You have to pay for everything from the ticket for yourself to the luggage. Are you worried about “Can I bring a skateboard on a plane?” We will try to help you.

Travel makes us happy. We have memories of everything we see. But also, we can’t imagine traveling without our favorite sports tools. It constantly helps us to relax. We can step out of our comfort zone. We realize the things that are important in life. And also we become much more confident and happier when our skates are near. If it’s momentous for you to transport your tool on a journey, then we have already learned the basic principles of traveling with skateboard overseas. So, let’s learn more details about:

  • Which companies permit you to take a board inside;
  • Which of them have restrictions on manual transportation;
  • How to carry it in the luggage compartment;
  • What sizes should be;
  • About standard weight;
  • How to pack for air travel sports equipment, and much more.

On the Plane: How to Transport Accessories for Sport?

Skateboarding is a “kind of social network”. You may feel it in motion.

  • You meet different people everywhere.
  • It’s always easy for a skater to find a common language with a skater.
  • Such a friendship can last for many years and even a lifetime.
  • Random meetings at the skatepark are easy to develop.
  • You are flying with a skateboard, see new cities in different countries.
  • Very often, such an exciting activity helps to find a job.
  • Mutual assistance is developed among skaters.
  • Once in a new city or country, you almost always rely on the solidarity of like-minded people.

Different airlines have their requirements for the conveyance of sports equipment. Some companies can carry the tool for free (as one piece of luggage). Dimensions are usually limited. In the presence of a standard ticket, you safely take the thing.

You may transport a longboard on the airplane if it doesn’t have the sizes above conveyance norms. A small plastic board fits in a suitcase for hand luggage or a bag. For traffic, you ought to wrap it in a thick film or case so that it is not damaged during the flight.

Airways can also limit the numerosity of boards in the cover, the dimensions, and its total weight. Before each flight, check the conditions of how to take your equipment. So, find out in advance what you may carry for nothing and what you have to pay for. Often companies do not accept boards longer than 45″ for conveyance.

Which Airlines Allow Carrying Skate?

Which Airlines Allow Carrying Skate

The board with wheels has many types – fingerboard, longboard, skateboard, penny board or Ripstick, etc. Each kind has a different length, width, shape, weight. It turns out the size is important, especially when traveling by plane. Various airlines have established special rules for the carriage of such a sports accessory. They concern not only the sizes but also a place of traffic. Let’s understand.

We know for sure that the TSA allows transportation and flight accessories for sports. Of course, a passenger ought to comply with all conditions, inclusively the size or weight. All companies permit a flight of such a sports tool in the luggage that is registered. Of course, it’ll be much cheaper. They have standard sizes for such conveyance. So, if you are not afraid for your “friend”, then feel free to wrap up and hand it in the appropriate compartment.

We often pack our skates and longboards in covers and tape them to the travel bag. No one ever asked us anything at the inspection. And importantly, we received the luggage intact. However, sometimes we try to take our device to the salon. We believe that a favorite thing should be with us. After all, this is a great solution to ride in the airport and kill time waiting for a flight, isn’t it? Not every company allows traffic of such or similar accessories near passengers. It all depends on the size. Let’s ascertain more detail.

Carry On

Many companies consider this type of accessory dangerous and inadmissible for other passengers. So, you have to put up with it and send the skate to other suitcases. You should pre-pack it in a tight package to avoid damage. Do you want to carry the board in the cabin? Some firms may have questions about the compliance of the skate with the established parameters. Remember, each of them has certain rules for carrying hand luggage bag.

The most common dimensions are 22″ (height), 14″ (depth) 9″ (width) plus weight. Don’t worry, if your board fits into the specified parameters. You shouldn’t have any problems. Does the size exceed the set frames? Unfortunately, only a special department will be the point of conveyance of your “favorite tool” for the next few hours. For sure, we advise everyone to clarify the carrying rules on the website of the firm in advance.

Checked Baggage

Often we go on a journey that cannot do without a plane. What about our favorite sports things? Are skateboards allowed on airplanes? Yes, today you have the opportunity to fly with it. You better register it. There is a special department with checked baggage for those tools. In such a way, you will have fewer problems and clarifications. You must pay at the set rate. The airline is responsible for your bags. Therefore, you’ll receive everything in full after the landing.

Can You Fly With a Boosted Board?

Some people often ask me if it’s feasible flight together with electric skates. Most companies, for instance, Spirit, don’t coordinate such conveyance. You should certainly clarify such an issue with the appropriate company. As we know, any devices with lithium or other batteries cannot be transported by the air. Does your electric skateboard have a battery capacity of less than 100Wh? So, certain companies may allow you to carry it on. Very few companies permit such transportation due to the possibility of fire.

AirlinesCarry onChecked Baggage
Air Canada++

Almost all US airways permit skaters to carry their accessories in checked baggage. And some firms, including Southwest, JetBlue, or United airlines, propose you to take such a tool in the cabin. Of course, you can only get permission if it fits the standard size. Usually, each company sets its framework for format. Despite all, the standard size will remain the same for almost everyone. We have already mentioned it above – 22 “/ 14” / 9 “.

As for Delta airlines, the company allows the conveyance of small penny boards. You can take it in hand luggage and checked baggage. Of course, if the size does not exceed 45”. Based on this, fans of longboards don’t carry them in the cabin. So, select checked baggage for such long equipment.

The Southwest airlines significantly soften the conditions of carriage of such a tool. Thus, you need to envelop the wheels, at least in polyethylene. And then you can try to put the thing under the front seat. Place the board on the bottom and turn the wheels up. If your vehicle fits there, then calmly start the flight. Another thing, if it does not fit there in its size. Try putting it on the top shelf. You don’t have to think about packaging. Learn how tight should skate wheels be in this article.

Not everything is so simple for American airlines to skateboard traffic. The skaters do not take it inside the plane. They also have to pay for a check-in. Size limit: up to 50 pounds and up to 62″. We always think carefully about which company to choose for our trip with a skate. Try to do the same.

How to Pack

How to pack a skateboard for traveling by plane

Have you selected Alaska airlines or another travel company? It doesn’t permit to convey skates in the cabin, does it? Then, you probably ought to pack your product well and safely. How to do it?

  1. The modern market offers many bags, backpacks, covers for any tool. Look for such a thing for your skate. A backpack or cover is an excellent alternative to transportation not only for airplanes but also for trains, cars, and other vehicles. People who travel will have excellent and convenient protection for their tools.
  2. Also, when a skateboard carry-on is insolvent, wrap it. You may take any cloth, towel, or textile. You take some things with you, don’t you? Of course, do everything without wheels. Put them separately. The film can help you. Attach your deck to the bag. You may protect it from splits or damage. This method of packaging is also reliable and efficient.
  3. You can also choose the easiest way. Tie-up the deck to the bag with adhesive tape or film without clothes. This method is the least reliable. The board can have some damage in flight. Choose the method that suits you.

Can You Bring a Skateboard on an International Flight?

When you travel with a skateboard, examine the policy of a selected airline. The same applies to international flights. Unlike the US, not all European countries allow taking such a sport instrument on the plane. We have seen tougher conditions for sports things. Some countries, such as France and Britain, consider the skates a dangerous, difficult tool. Therefore, you cannot take them to the salon but vice versa to register it. Do you want to go overseas? Check and clarify company policies and keep in mind how to pack everything accurately.

What Gives Us a Skateboarding Trip?

Travel with a skateboard on a plane

Have you ever had a feeling of happiness when returning from a journey? Why do we feel happy?

  • Everyone who travels often faces with an inability to take a skateboard on a plane or lost bags. But travel teaches us to be patient. We try to find a way out of any situation and adapt to the circumstances. We ignore all obstacles. So, we become better, more diligent, and more flexible while traveling.
  • When we come to another country, we are surrounded by many new people. We strive to analyze architecture, cities, compare the relationships of others. And we “race” on our penny board from the airport in search of something new and unknown to us. All intercultural barriers are removed in the process of communicating with locals. That’s why travel teaches us to trust the world.
  • Even if we travel alone, we still cannot avoid contact with others. Skaters can easily find their peers anywhere on earth. It often happens that a small conversation gives rise to a great friendship. We start a conversation with foreigners with great interest. Over time, we have become more open and can start a conversation with anyone. Try to support this idea.
  • After each trip, there are many vivid impressions. You learn new tricks along the way, find cool skateparks. If you want to take skateboards on airplanes, try to achieve the goal. You can take many unique photos and learn many curious stories that you cannot forget. Emotions often overwhelm us so much that we want to share with the whole planet!
  • Select an airline that will meet your desires and needs. Read the policies of most firms. And rest for your pleasure as you like. Experienced travelers value their home and the benefits they have.


And Finally

Skateboarding is a beautiful and exciting activity. Many people find something in it. Someone likes to do tricks and break records. Others like crazy speed. We love to journey and traveling with our boards. That’s why we’ve tried to share important info with you. We hope you already know the main rules regarding the topic. You should go on skate tours, at least for the sake of incredible stories and adventures.

If you are the owner of a longboard and still doubt whether it is possible to bring it with you on a plane (as I did before), then reread this article one more time. Find out all the details and travel with benefits. Riding is fun.


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