Can You Skateboard in the Rain

It’s raining outside, and you can’t handle the urge to ride? Is it possible? Should I take a skate on a wet surface? Maybe, we’ll damage our deck? We can ask many more questions. Well. Let’s try to find out the answers. In this article, we will understand, can you skateboard in the rain? In addition, you should learn the main causes and consequences of skating in bad weather. Let’s get started.

Will I Destroy My Deck by Skating in the Rain?

Often, the rain becomes an obstacle in our desire to ride. If it is only light and even invisible, then everything is ok. After all, it will not even wet the asphalt. However, if there is heavy rain on the street, every experienced rider advises waiting for longboarding in the rain. Why?

  • Think about your health. You may get wet and catch a cold. Then instead of skateboarding in good weather, you will have to spend time in bed.
  • You may slip and fall because the wet deck and wheels have poor traction.
  • Your tool may get completely wet. Neither you nor your board will benefit from this. Wet spare parts quickly lose their working capacity. Worse, they break down and need replacing.

waterproof skateboard

So, is it ok to skateboard in the rain? No, I do not recommend this class at all. It destroys your transport. What can happen to your board? Is it very destructive from water? I’ll tell you the truth. All the parts, even the smallest nuts, get wet and damaged, each in its way. Let’s understand what can happen with details. I wrote the explanation in the table below.

Details Effects
The deck Waterlogs and flakes off; loses traction with shoes
Wheels Lose traction
Trucks Rust and break
Bearings Oxidized, spoil from within
Bolts & Nuts Rust and break

Do you want to go skateboarding in the rainy weather? Then, I advise you to wear protective equipment, especially a helmet. After all, the road is slippery, and you can fall painfully. No matter how hard you try. A wet board will not serve you properly. Dirty stains from shoes form on top of it. They reduce the adhesion of the soles of the shoes to the deck.

When the board is completely soaked, it affects its rapid wear. It becomes more brittle. Therefore, eventually, the deck may break in half. I would advise, in this case, to forget about it and buy a new one. I consult this from my experience. Many skaters also support such a view, based on their discussion on the Reddit site.

How to Tell If Your Skateboard Is Waterlogged?

Most professional riders avoid skating in heavy rain. It is known that the board can easily absorb water. Of course, it can dry out, you think. However, over time, it will be destroyed. The glue that connects its layers will rub its properties against moisture. The deck will start to flake and lose the most important features of flexibility and integrity.

You can check if your board is too waterlogged. You should pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the sound while driving. How much water does it take to waterlog a skateboard? The amount of water is not very important. You can just drive for some time in puddles or lower the board into the water for even a few minutes. It will be wet. Some boards swell after such an incident.

How much water does it take to waterlog a skateboard

I will give some advice:

  • Make some simple tricks like Ollie on your board.
  • Be attentive and listen to what sounds it makes.
  • The soaked board gives a clear, clean, and crisp sound.
  • A waterlogged deck sounds dull, deaf. Have you ever heard the old floor creak? Such a similar sound comes out.
  • See if the deck is twisted. If a skateboard gets wet, it twists and does not return to its previous shape.
  • In a waterlogged board, the coating peels off or loses discoloration too quickly.
  • Chipping and splitting is a sign of waterlogging.

How to Save My Board?

If you accidentally drop your board into water or a puddle, you should dry it. You need to take a few steps. I generally advise to disassemble it completely. I unscrew the skateboard wheels completely from the deck if it got in the rain. So, I advise you to do the same when the board is wet.

Try to unscrew all parts, bearings, wheels, bolts, and trucks. Clean them of possible dirt. Then, be sure to lubricate the iron parts. This procedure will help to protect it against rust.

The board consists of several layers between which there is glue. Therefore, you should pay special attention to it. Dry it in the sun for a few hours; even leave it on all day.

If the weather is bad, then leave the deck in a dry place, garage, but at a temperature of at least 20 degrees. Otherwise, it will retain moisture. If you skateboard on damp ground, don’t live it wet. I advise you to reassemble the vehicle after it is completely dry.

When & Where Is It Better to Ride?

If the rain started suddenly, I advise you to hide the deck in a backpack or cover. It is better to carry it in your hands than to change it for a new one later. Nevertheless, if it still hurts, then look for an alternative. Maybe, you have an underground garage or warehouse in your city or an indoor skate park.

You can wait and skateboard after it rains. However, do not drive into a puddle. This will be bad for your tool. Still, I think it’s better to wait for heavy rain. Do not forget to dry the whole board with a towel and in the sun. If you are a fan of tricks in puddles, then buy a plastic penny board. There are many options if you think about it.

Wrapping Up

Skateboarding is a passion for someone. Yes, for us it is also a call to dissipate and forget about everything in the world. However, no matter how much we want it, we should sometimes think about our tool. Nobody forbids us to ride in the rain. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend not doing it even despite a strong desire. I haven’t seen a waterproof skateboard yet. All spare parts wet, even the smallest bolts. They subsequently undergo corrosion and malfunction. Therefore, think carefully before you go in the rain on your vehicle. You don’t want to change spare parts and deck for a while, do you?

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