Can You Skateboard on the Sidewalk

The popularity of boards as a sport is impressive and breathtaking. A large number of people are engaged in it. California is the largest and most popular state among riders and fans of this sport. However, even the most ardent supporters sometimes do not know about the established laws in other American cities. There are many unresolved issues. For instance, road riding is not allowed in all states. The same goes for sidewalks. So, in this paragraph, let’s find the answer: can you skateboard on the sidewalk?

Can You Ride a Skateboard & Longboard on the Sidewalk?

Often riding in special skateparks is boring. Therefore, I like to travel. Driving from one city or state to another fascinates me. And as you understand, my skate is always with me. But even seemingly simple transport adds a lot of responsibility. Because of its popularity, it became harder to move on it anywhere.

Engaging in longboarding for a cruise on a sidewalk is too difficult in crowded cities. Sometimes, it’s best to take your board in your hand and carry it past the crowd on foot. You will feel the pleasure and speed outside the cities.

I checked the information and rules in many USA states. The laws are about the same. So, a skate is not a vehicle for riding on the roadway. Therefore, on the contrary, you can ride such a vehicle only on the sidewalks. However, at some points, skateboarding laws in different states, in Florida, Nevada, New York, Michigan, and others, may differ.

As an Example

is it illegal to skateboard on the sidewalk

  • Duluth, Minnesota, set restrictions on sidewalk riding at certain hours, i.e., until 6:30 PM.
  • All riders under the age of 18 must wear helmets under California law.
  • In Alabama, authorities have banned rides in all residential areas.
  • There was even a situation when the authority wanted to ban using a sidewalk in NYC. But such a decision overturned.

Riding in Law – The Most Popular Skateboarding States

The popularity of skates has led to more frequent injuries to riders. As a result, the authorities introduced certain laws regarding time, place, age, etc. Each state or city government, in particular, usually sets separate rules or laws for cycling, skates, or longboarding. It includes riding on the sidewalks.

So, every rider is obliged to adhere to such laws. For example, the authorities of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, impose fines for non-compliance with the rules. I prepared a chart with the most popular states and explained the laws where you can go.

StatesCities, if anyMain Law
New York
  • New York
  • You can't balance.
  • Do not ride more than two people nearby.
  • Take into account other people passing by.
  • It is forbidden to use several vehicles at the same time.
  • You cannot listen to music while driving.
  • North Canton
  • Akron
  • Canton
  • A police warning is required
  • You cannot ride in the dark.
  • It is forbidden to ride on the street.
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • The whole state
  • Library and court grounds are prohibited areas.
  • All streets and sidewalks in business areas are closed.
  • No riding at night.
  • Riding is illegal on the bus and other vehicle stations.
  • Using protective equipment.
  • Biddeford
  • It is forbidden to use sidewalks for riding.
  • Victoria
  • It is forbidden to ride on the sidewalks of Main Street.
  • The whole state
  • Miami Beach
  • Need to have a license.
  • It is forbidden to ride on the territory of the police station.
  • Eau Claire
  • Sidewalks of business districts or city streets are prohibited.
  • Auburn
  • Riding in a commercially zoned region is prohibited.

So, do not forget to prepare. Especially if you plan to go to a state or even to a neighboring city, taking your skate, that is, read the laws and introductions. Find out where you can ride, is it illegal to skateboard on the sidewalk in one city or another, etc.


Can You Skateboard on Asphalt Road?

Most states prohibit road riding along with other mechanical or non-mechanical vehicles. They allowed utilizing skateboard on sidewalks. Everyone must abide by such prohibitions, as most cities currently impose fines for such violations.

Is It Illegal to Skateboard in a Parking Lot?

It all depends on the owners of the parking lot. Very often, they forbid such riding because of many cars. Or you may not notice the departure or arrival of the car. You can create problems for yourself or car owners.

Why Is Skateboarding Illegal in Public Places?

Such activity can often lead to personal injury or damage to the health of others. High-speed, performing tricks can be dangerous for everyone. For instance, in Texas, riders can utilize public places only to cross the intersection on pedestrians.


Riding in a gust of wind on wide asphalt roads is fun. However, this entertainment is prohibited in most states in public places. An electric skateboard is not even suitable for riding on the sidewalk. It would be best if you chose specialized areas. If your yard is large enough, then what’s the problem?


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