How Long Do Skateboards Last

Skateboard keeps its pop for years if you take good care of it. Many people ride in different ways. Some individuals ride on hard surfaces, putting a heavy load on the deck. Others perform various tricks, striking the suspension, wheels, etc. From such riding, of course, the tool can fail and even break. After all, many factors affect the cause of rapid wear. Some parts can last you only a few months, and others even a few years. Thus, many riders, when buying a new tool have a question, how long do skateboards last? It all depends on your riding and, in particular, the care of the device. We will answer this and other important questions in the article.

How Long Does Skateboard Hardware Last

There are different types of skates with their features, characteristics, qualities, weight, stiffness, strength, and more. Every part needs cleaning care frequently and, in some cases, replacement with a new one. So, how long does this or that detail last?

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Your skate may be perfect for the first five months. Eventually, you may feel that it is not riding so well. Someone can even break the board after four months of use. Yes, there are such people. And someone can ride fast and perform tricks on one tool, even for 4-5 years. Of course, it all depends on how you drive and how you care. But I compared the service life of all the main parts approximately in the table.

HardwareHow long it lasts?
Bearings2 years
Wheels3-4 months
Trucks2-4 years
Deck2 weeks - 6 months

If you practice on your tool too often, you may encounter a skateboard broken in half problem. Then you will have to change some parts and to clean them often. Of course, you need to know the right cleaning technique and choose the right size of hardware. After all, you need to select the proper size for even the smallest bolt or nut for a good ride. You’ll reduce the likelihood of injury with appropriate care.

How Long Do Skateboard Bearings Last?

How Long Do Skateboard Bearings Last?

Every rider has probably faced the need to replace certain parts of the vehicle. This need depends on many reasons, especially how you ride, with what load, and in what way. Some people skate only a few times a week, with a light ride for fun. Of course, in this case, you do not have to change bearings, wheels, and other parts even after five years. However, if you are an amateur or even a professional, the details wear out very quickly.

You may see too much dirt between bearings and the wheels. I recommend cleaning it regularly. And after that, you should not forget to lubricate skateboard bearings with oil. In this way, you will extend their term. But still, if you ride too hard, you have to change such parts every two years. The speed of rotation of the wheel and the ride itself depends on this part. If you feel bad or slow riding, you should replace and select the quality bearings.

How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last?

How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last

Wheels are a very significant part of your vehicle. Quality wheels are always strong and tough. If they are made of a quality polyurethane and are tough enough, they will last more than 3-4 months, even when riding actively and quickly. The poor quality of the wheels will be noticeable after several uses. They wear off rapidly, even with inactive riding. The minimum service life of the wheels is two months.

I recommend changing these details every two or three months for avid riders. This procedure is necessary for better riding on various streets, roads, and parks. Also, you may not be injured if you repair, clean, or replace parts periodically. In the case of rare riding, you cannot replace such parts for 6-12 months.

One day, I didn’t focus on replacing the wheel. And although I saw its abrasion, I postponed the replacement for later. So, further, in performing certain tricks, I jumped so that the wheel flew off. That becomes because of my carelessness. I injured my leg, stretched my ligaments, and couldn’t ride for a long time. Since then, I always monitor all spare parts’ condition, even the smallest bolts and nuts.

How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last?

How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last

Riding on the board is very common today. The tool can be your helper in the fight against boredom and a friend for fun. However, it would help if you remembered about its cleanliness and serviceability. The opportunity to ride perfectly comes only with a good tool and all the quality details.

Trucks play a very momentous role as well. The whole design of transport and your health depend on their quality. You feel as light as possible buying a new skate, don’t you? However, over time, everything new becomes old. You may feel that your vehicle is no longer working as it was in the beginning. Then you should pay attention to the wear of its parts. Especially check trucks, because it combines all the details.

The turns, tricks, and, in general, all riding and movement is possible thanks to these details. Although their design is quite simple, the quality, size, and material are different. The weight does not affect grades significantly.

However, you should select strong and reliable trucks, choosing the wheels and board’s right size.

Consider the format when replacing trucks. After all, if you want to have a high speed, you can select high parts. Wide trucks will add stability. Depending on your type of riding, you can change the suspension in 2-4 years. They last much longer than other skate parts. The heavier the trucks, the stronger they are.

When to Replace Skateboard Deck?

When to Replace Skateboard Deck

There are many reasons for the breakage and abrasion of the deck. Often, professionals give themselves completely to their hobby, putting a heavy load on the tool. Such people should change their board every one or two months. If you prefer a quiet ride and only on weekends or several times a week, replace it in 4-6 months. Longboards last the longest because you only use them to ride without tricks on a flat road. Such boards can last even several years.

So, when should you do a replacement? If you see cracks or even minor chips, you should take them into account. These signs indicate that you should consider replacing the deck. A cracked tail or nose is another feature. You may be injured if you do not change the old board on time.

If the tail of your tool has become too sharp, you should change the board too. Of course, the budget does not always allow for a complete replacement. However, you can find ways to repair it. But renewal will help only in case of minor damage. The deck may break if you are going to ride on different roads, or jump, and so on. The divided tool into parts while driving can injure the rider.

Of course, if the nose or tail is erased, then the shoes are probably also destroyed faster. Tyler Huff, a California Polytechnic State University student, researched the benefits of shoe toecap for skateboarders. You can ask how long do skate shoes last? Tyler found that it will last very little time. It turns out that professional riders destroy their shoes very quickly, and they often have to change them.

What Affects the Span: Notable Factors

Too many riders compare their tool to others and wonder why some break down too quickly and others last too long. It depends on many reasons that affect the operating time. I would like you to know it. In this way, you will be able to reduce the damage to some extent. I have listed a few main factors that destroy and worsen the condition of the vehicle.

  • Is your skate good enough? The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of your device. If your tool needs to be replaced very quickly, it indicates lower quality. Of course, the strength of the materials, the deck’s corresponding elasticity, the speed of rotation, and much more are signs of poor or good quality. You can see different prices that are determined by the high class of the tool. A high-quality device as a whole or just some part will cost much more.
  • How calm are you? I often see people breaking their skates deliberately. How so? – Some will ask. However, many riders, especially beginners, are very nervous too frequently. They try one or another trick, take off into the air, and engage in so even for several hours. When the tricks fail, riders throw the tool to the ground in anger. However, is your skate blame for your failures? It would be best if you were calm and balanced to learn something new. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy new devices more and more often. I know that a lot of effort is needed in the beginning. Nothing comes out just for the first time. So, control your emotions to avoid damage to the tool.
  • Where do you ride? Asphalt, road surfaces, and obstacles – all these roads lead to too frequent replacement of wheels, decks, suspensions, etc. I advise you to select only places for riding. Skateparks are ideal for professionals and beginners. If there are no such specialized parks in your city, it is better to ride in light places. Various asphalts damage, erase the wheels, and the board too much.
  • How active are you? I often rode on hard roads, ordinary asphalt, and even did tricks. However, I noticed that the worse the road, and the more you do tricks in the wrong places, the more you injure your skate. Of course, I understand that every rider reaches the point where he needs to learn how to do stunts. Therefore, I advise you to choose grass or skate parks for active riding. Your tool will remain more intact on the level of specialized surfaces.

How to Extend the Period of Use?

There are many different opinions of people on Reddit regarding the service life of skates. Most people claim that their tools last only a few months. Others say they like to change them for new ones periodically in 4-5 months. However, some individuals won’t believe that such devices can last from several months to 3-5 years. It depends on the device itself and its care. So, you need to know how to care for the tool for a sufficient period of applying.

  • Store the tool in a specialized place. Most riders buying a skate do not even think about where to store it during non-business hours. I do not recommend putting the tool anywhere. The modern market offers many racks for skateboarding. They are reliable defenders and will take up little space. Plus, you won’t have to worry about someone trampling or breaking your skate by accident. This vehicle does not like cold, moisture, heat. Therefore, the car, basement, street are not ideal for it.
  • Calm down in case of failure. I know that sometimes anger escalates when you can’t do a jump or another trick. I also encountered such nerve impulses. But venting anger on a tool is not the best idea. This condition will only lead to unnecessary costs of new details.
  • Choose good weather. As I said, skates do not like humidity. Rain or snow is bad weather for driving. Your vehicle may deteriorate under the influence of moisture. After all, the board will quickly collapse from the water, and the iron parts will rust.
  • Do not forget about cleaning. This rule should be basic for every rider. You should do this procedure at least once a month. It will significantly extend the life of the tool for a longer time. So, clean the board, trucks, and wheels of dirt, wash and dry it. Moisten all small parts in alcohol, dry, and do not forget to oil. I always feel a better and smoother ride after cleaning. And that’s why I recommend you make it a habit.

So, if you don’t want to spend money on a new tool very often, learn a few basic rules:

  • Learn to brake and land correctly;
  • Do not rub the tail of the skate, which will lead to rapid abrasion;
  • Ask incomprehensible questions in professionals;
  • Choose specially designated places;
  • Avoid sand, stones, hard asphalts.
  • Lubricate and clean all parts periodically.



Every rider faces a breakdown and buying a new skate, right? Of course, there is nothing eternal. Sooner or later, you need to change all the tools. Even the best and highest quality skate can last a maximum of 5 years. It all depends on your type of riding, the quality of the tool, the materials, and many other factors.

I would not advise paying attention only to the recommendations of sellers or to your feelings. Read the general rules for selection or care. Pay attention to the characteristics, features of all parts. If you have a question about how long a longboard lasts, it is better to ask how to care for or how often to change the details? After all, unfortunately, any tool from time to time fails. Each thing has its service life. However, the better you clean and care for it, the longer you will ride it.


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