Everyone should support the body, go in for sports. Aerobic exercises, running, swimming, or cycling support health and help to lose weight. However, for many people, the idea of ​​going to the gym looks boring. If you are not an avid fan of ordinary sports but enjoy extreme on skateboards, penny boards, longboards, then this is great. You can spend calories on such activities. Are you interested in how many calories does longboarding burn? So we will try to find the answer.

The Benefits of Longboarding: What Is It For?

We can increasingly see modern youth and older fans of an active lifestyle on a longboard. This sport becomes popular among adults and children. It is also an excellent alternative for surfers. They can simulate water surfing directly on the asphalt, in the absence of sea waves and wind. Longboarding help with surfing. It is like sea surfing, with all its inherent sensations and manner of driving.

Our Selection of Best Longboards for Cruising & Carving

What muscles do work when longboarding?

Of course, a longboard is the same skate but much longer and with a wider wheelbase. You cannot do tricks on it. But it acquires excellent speed for a mile while driving. You need to understand, respect, and control speed. You can ride everywhere on these boards. It serves for:

  • Comfort driving;
  • Large distance;
  • High-speed racing;
  • A health improvement;
  • Qualitatively skater exercise for muscles strengthening;
  • Great fun.

Thanks to the longboard, you can freely move around the city. You can walk with great interest. You can drive on a flat or crooked, hilly city roads, along the longboard beach.

Similarities and Differences Between Longboards and Other Skates

TypeMeaningBenefitsUsed forAverage lengthBurned calories
LongboardLong, broad boards that equipped with soft and large wheels but aren't designed for tricks. • Enhance body endurance
• Strengthens muscles
• Help to burn calories
• Great stability
• Comfortable ride
• Long distances
• Ultra-fast driving
• Extraordinary pleasure
31-58"320-450 /hour
SkateboardThe professional boards for tricks. It is the most universal. • Allow you to ride fast and do complicated tricks
• You can perform high jumps
• Skateboarding helps lose weight
• Sprint acceleration for amplitude stunts
• It tilts up to 25 degrees
28-33"300-450 /hour
PennyboardSmall skateboard with a bright design.• It has a small weight
• It is compact, durable
• Quite maneuverable
• Fast driving
• Suitable for city walks
• Can do all sorts of tricks
22-27"300-450 /hour
FlowboardSkateboard with 14 wheels.• Can use a large angle of inclination when cornering
• It tilts up to 45 degrees
• Asphalt driving
• Improve control when turning
• Performing tricks
31-42"350-575 /hour
Waveboard"Wave board", which indicates the similarity of movements when riding the surf.• The board is stable
• Securely rides on a flat surface
• It makes turning easy
• Used for performing good exercises
• Not a fast ride around the city
27-29"300-400 /hour

Longboarding as a Form of Fitness

Almost any kind of training helps to cope with sadness, stress. Sport just lifts your spirits when you are sad. However, longboarding is even more effective than any other sport. It is not only a popular activity. It is:

  • pleasure;
  • good mood;
  • welfare for the body;
  • healthy lifestyle.

Doing this sport is a source of a toned and healthy body. There are several facts about why you should ride a longboard.

Longboarding Helps to Burn Calories

How many calories does skateboarding burn

A lot of people do not like to do indoor fitness. They want movement, noise, wind, fresh air. Longboarding is a real cardio workout. Of course, you can’t compare it to running. But you can lose many calories burned when longboarding. You can tighten the figure well and lose extra pounds. An hour of active driving deprives you of 340 additional calories. It depends on a person’s weight.

In total, it is 300 calories / 125-pound, 450/185-pound person.

Muscle Strengthening

Performing various tricks on a longboard requires a certain level of physical training.

  1. You can get this if you train regularly.
  2. Such training has a positive effect on muscle tone.
  3. This improves the condition of the heart and blood vessels.

What muscles does longboarding work? First of all, you train your leg and hips. The muscles of the abdomen, back, and buttocks also work. The popliteal sinews receive loading too. We should not forget about improving coordination and sense of balance.

Is longboarding bad for your knees? No, if you have the right protective equipment. Learn to fall correctly, i.e., with the least losses and injuries. It is an important quality not only of a longboarder but also of any person.

Endurance and Health of the Body

This sport is an excellent skateboard cardio workout. You develop your lungs and heart muscles and keep them toned. This is the best way to burn fat fast. The result will not be late if you train hard. Heart rate depends on the duration of driving. And this affects the burning of extra calories. Do not forget about all the preferences of your favorite pastime.



So, is longboarding good exercise? Yes, it is a popular and effective sport and hobby. It allows you to feel the speed, drive, and a lot of positive emotions. It helps to relax, improve your health, strengthen muscles, and lose a few extra pounds. You burn calories, feel light, and confident.

There are many longboards for fat people and people with normal weight. So, you can safely choose your type, shape, size, and color. This is exactly the sport driving for those who love extreme. For permanent fat burning, you need to maintain the intensity of driving. However, you need to choose the right tool to avoid injury. Just follow only a few correct tips when selecting such a skate. Let’s combine the pleasant with the useful!

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