How Much Does a Good Ripstik Cost

Some riders often want to get new sensations. They are looking for different types of boards to enjoy and extreme. RipStik is a new way to discover new talents, learn new tricks. However, the question arises, how much does a good ripstik cost? In this article, you will learn not only the price but also much more about this board. In particular, we decided to explain to you what is different from the usual skate, the pros and cons, and other interesting things.

What Are We Dealing With? Pros & Cons

Everyone has various styles and tastes. When we look for a board for skating, we take what we like. Ripstik board is a great solution for many professional riders. However, it is not quite an ordinary skate. This vehicle has only two wheels and a completely different principle of driving.

If you push your feet while riding a skateboard, then you need to move your body riding a ripstik. This board rides as if the waves. Its wheels and deck shape are different from a regular skate. It is harder to manage and less stable. Let’s define its pros and cons. I have written them in the table, so you can identify the benefits or disadvantages for yourself.

Pros Cons
Unique design & great style Instability
Maneuverability and 360-degree trucks Weakness of bearings
Ease of performing tricks and turns Rapid wheel wear
Riding on all roads Maximum for 100 kg of weight
Does not require a push-off Longer training

Skate vs. Ripstick: What’s the Difference?

It seems that all skateboards are similar, but this is a mistake. Each board is unique. Ripstick and the skate have many differences. How can we observe them? Let’s understand and compare these two tools.

  • You may notice a difference in design and style. Two boards are completely various in appearance. Nevertheless, Ripstick does not need to be pushed. It balances easier. Experienced skateboarders can do tricks on this board.
  • Ripstik at Walmart costs about 70-80 dollars, while a professional skate costs a maximum of $45. Of course, you can find boards for $140 and up. In my opinion, such expensive tools are almost no different from the cheaper options, only probably by the brand.
  • As for the ripstick, it’s even harder to find a way to lock it up like a longboard or skate.
  • The shape is the most noticeable difference. The skate has one solid deck. Ripstick consists of two small boards connected into a single one by pivoting middle.
  • What about wheels? Their number is twice less in ripstick than in skateboarding. That is, the first board has only two wheels. The shape of these parts is different with a narrower stance and with a shorter wheelbase.
  • It will be easier for you to learn skateboarding. The wheels are smooth, and you will feel more stable. The ripstick tool has only two wheels. Therefore, learning to balance on it is much harder.

Each rider chooses the board for his pleasure. Professionals are looking for new impressions and sensations when buying new boards such as ripstick. The price is not too high, almost twice the cost of a skateboard.

What Does the Price Depend On?

1.	How much do ripstik wheels cost

When we want to buy a new board, we choose it for our riding style. However, we also pay attention to the price and our budget. Therefore, it is important to determine the cost before making a choice. What affects the price? Let’s see.

  1. How much do ripstik wheels cost? The cost of all parts is different. The quality of wheels and bearings affect the price. You can find wheels for $13 or $26. It all depends on what quality thing you are looking for.
  2. The size of the board determines the value of the whole tool. You need to understand that boards from different manufacturers can have a difference of a few inches. This feature affects the price.
  3. The material of the board and the quality of all other parts can have different characteristics, which affects the cost.
  4. The brand plays a significant role and prices. You can buy a simple ripstik for $60. In addition, you can find a brand tool for 120-130 dollars. Although I will tell you that, sometimes these boards do not differ in quality and serve the same.


If you love extreme sports and are looking for new sensations, then you can buy a ripstick for yourself. It’s a little different than a skateboard. However, its cost is also twice as high. If you have been skating for a long time, then such a tool will be in your power. It all depends on your capabilities and budget.

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