How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold

Do you enjoy sports and love skate? Don’t you worry about the skateboard weight limit? Of course, it’s great. You can afford to buy any type of transport for any purpose. However, not all people, looking to buy such a tool, have a different weight category. Most people need to compare their weight and means when purchasing. There are certain limits. Although, I will tell you that this sport is a great helper for those who want to lose extra pounds. So, in this article, we will understand how much weight can a skateboard hold? I will tell not only about the basic type but also about adjacent to it: big, long, and small, narrow. So, let’s start our journey on the answers.

Does It Matter Your Weight When Skateboarding?

I often came across this question on the forums, like Reddit. Yes, the weight has significance. The difference in weight affects the speed of the descents, the performance of tricks, and many other factors. What is momentous? The main rule is to follow the correct technique. Keep in mind that fatter people can be injured faster. Why?

  • First, an overweight person goes downhill at a higher speed due to gravity. Relatively lighter individuals put more effort into getting maximum acceleration. In such a case, they need to adjust the trucks, choose the right wheels. But fat people should know which skateboard is designed for 300 pounds (ca. 136 kg), and which can withstand much less weight.
  • Second, performing tricks requires more effort and technique. Heavier people even land much harder, bouncing on the skate. They give more weight to it. Therefore, it is necessary to select means correctly, considering all parts. You must focus on the number of layers of the deck. The material from which it is made, the softness and stiffness of the wheels, is momentous too.

Does weight matter in skateboarding

Little Story

I am well aware of such a slightly terrible situation when a boy exceeded the penny board weight limit. I have witnessed and will share it with you.

One day, my friends and I were riding at the La Raza skate park. We always like to be here on the weekends. In principle, I am already familiar with all the skateboarders who also come here. And then, we noticed a rather fat boy. He weighed about 170 pounds. He came with his father and held a penny board. Do you know how much weight can a penny board hold? Of course, it can hold 180 pounds.

Everything seemed simple. We thought a boy would just go down. We were even interested. Then approached his father, talked a little. He said that the guy, his name was Jack, had been skateboarding long enough. It turned out that he was already performing certain tricks. However, according to his father, the boy decided to exchange his means with a friend for one day. And that day, Jack came with a tool not purchased for him.

We were a little worried. Having a lot of experience, we assumed that trouble could happen. We told his father our opinion about the appropriateness of the weight to the tool size. But the man said sarcastically, “Does weight matter in skateboarding?” Unfortunately, we were not mistaken. The guy started his descent even very well, despite being overweight. And when Jack tried to do Ollie, he landed badly and screamed. The trucks broke from overload. His father and we were all scared and ran to him.

As a consequence of that situation, the boy could not stand on one foot. I looked and realized that he dislocated his leg. Fortunately, it all came down to a not-so-terrible injury. However, imagine he could have broken his leg or even suffered much more. Probably, that case became instructive not only for Jack and his father but also for everyone around them.

So, take note. Any sport is better for a lighter person. However, longboards are also an excellent alternative for fat people. They can drive at high speed and enjoy the scenery. And it is a great tool for weight loss. After all, your muscles are in constant tension.

Comparison of Weight and Skate Types

When choosing a tool, not only the weight of the person is momentous. The size of the deck is an important option too. I will try to explain such significance. Stability, skillful landing, performing tricks, of course, depends on the length and width of the deck. You should also adjust the trucks correctly, depending on how you use the tool.

I tried to compare skateboard weight chart data. You can juxtapose the type and size of transport with a person’s weight in kilograms and pounds. The table helps to determine which type of tool is right for your weight category.

TypeDeck LengthWeight LimitLimit in kg
Skateboard28” – 33”220 Ibs99
Longboard32” – 58”260 - 300 Ibs117 – 136
Pennyboard22” – 27”180 Ibs81
Electric SkateboardAround 38”200 - 330 Ibs90 – 150

So, as you can see from the table, in addition to the right parts, there are different ratios of size and weight. Of course, the boards are made of various materials. The same applies to trucks or wheels. Accordingly, one skate can support a weight of up to 200 Ibs, the other up to 220 Ibs.

How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Wheel Hold?

How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Wheel Hold

Wheels are a very significant part of any skate. Experienced people buy them separately from the board and select by stiffness, and size. And the quality of the wheels affects the process of riding by a heavy person. The main weight just falls on this part.

According to research by Priyanka Muhunthan, a Graduate Student at Stanford University, a skateboard cannot support more than 220 pounds. Manufacturers don’t recommend a skate to people weighing more than this weight. Although it has a normal size (28″ – 33″), its trucks and wheels are designed for stunts mostly. Not all of them are created for heavy fat people. So, if your weight allows, then calmly buy and ride. Otherwise, you may be seriously injured. I also think that a longboard would be a smart choice.

How Much Weight Can a Longboard Hold?

Such transport is intended for smooth riding. It has:

  • the largest size;
  • the longest deck;
  • high strong trucks;
  • longer wheelbases.

Boards can be made of wood or plastic. They can support the maximum weight of a person, from 260 to 300 pounds.

So, longboards carry capacity for heavy people. Of course, you won’t be able to perform a variety of interesting tricks. However, losing extra calories and long-distance travel will be possible for you. If you like this idea, you can try it. Consult your sellers before buying. They will give you advice and select a tool for your weight and capabilities.

Penny Board Max Weight

Penny boards are also different in size. Manufacturers do not impose special restrictions on weight. However, they do not recommend exceeding 180 pounds. Such boards are the lightest and smallest. An individual can perform the easiest tricks on them. If you weigh more, try other models. You shouldn’t take risks if the tool doesn’t fit you. Injuries or wounds can occur at any time. You don’t want to give up riding for a long time, do you?

What is the Average Weight?

Many features influence the choice of the board for people of different weight categories. Maneuverability depends on the weight of the vehicle. It can range from 1 to 15 kg. The most common weight of a penny board is about 3 kg. I would not say that is a lot because it includes a board, wheels, pendants, etc. The weight depends on the material used for all parts. When choosing, hold it in your hands, try to stand, and feel it. If you are a beginner, you won’t find out from the first time whether the skate is good for you. Listen to the advice of experts.

Sometimes, I read on the forums the question, “why is my skateboard so heavy”? You need to understand that it must be convenient during your riding. Longboards are the heaviest of all types. Their deck is the longest, and the trucks are the strongest. They are adapted for long distances. Of course, you’ll find it difficult to carry a long skate in your hands. However, it is designed for the feet, right?



So, I drew your attention to the main most common types of skateboards. I hope you understand what kind will fit your weight and your needs. As you can see, everyone should choose it according to their abilities. Of course, there is no official weight limitation. Boards with the least weight and length can hold people weighing only 180 Ibs. Yes, there are no restrictions. You can buy anything you want. However, as far as I know, there is a high risk of injury for individuals over 220 pounds. If you belong to this category of people and skate attracts you, then buy a suitable vehicle. For example, the longboard weight limit is up to 330 pounds. Such boards have strong and reliable parts and are adapted for heavier people. You can safely ride. It will help you cover long distances and enjoy the journey.


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