How Tight Should Skateboard Wheels Be

Many teenagers today enjoy skateboarding. Often the most common question among beginner skaters is how tight should skateboard wheels be, isn’t it? It’s true. Many things depend on the wheels. For example, what impressions from skateboarding you will receive – pleasure or wild fatigue? In the article, we will try to convey useful information to everyone, including beginners:

  • What does a skate consist of;
  • How to set up such a sport tool correctly;
  • Adjustment of trucks in a skate or a longboard;
  • Which way should skateboard wheels face, etc.

Parts and Setting

Skateboard hardware and other parts

A skateboard without wheels turns into an ordinary piece of wood without any benefit. You need to know how to set up such a sports accessory. After all, proper care and adjustment affect the behavior of the board and the nature of future driving. Properly adjusting the board helps you learn to ride it faster. And later, you can execute many tricks.

The state of a skate or longboard depends on how you stored it, where, and how actively you skated. In any case, you should check and set up everything before using it. The owner of a skateboard must follow many rules of adjustment and learn how tight longboard wheels should be, etc. However, you must first be aware of what parts your tool consists of, right?

  1. Deck. It is the board where a skaters stand. It is made of 7-9 layers of wood. The board is covered with a special coating.
  2. The shock-absorbing truck serves to connect the wheels and the bearings. Such part is metal. It has an axle and a body.
  3. Wheels with bearings. There are different types (soft and hard) and sizes (by diameter).

To perform the accurate setup, you need to pay attention to the points of skateboard hardware:

  • size and shape of trucks;
  • degree of rigidity;
  • axis support condition.

When you plan to set up trucks, imagine what tricks you will do on it. The first task for you is to determine the optimal height. It is a very important step in setting up properly. If the board is very low, then you can rub it hard to the roadway. And if the deck is very high, then you cannot brake properly. In both situations, you need to configure trucks well. You should take the necessary multifunctional wrench.

Tighten or Loosen Skateboard Wheels: Irreplaceable Tips

Skateboard wheels maintenance

Doesn’t your board listen to you? Is everything shaky or vice versa and not working correctly? So the trucks are the cause of everything. You may encounter different types of trucks. Lows are created only for tricks and extreme. They are combined with small wheels. If you ride in the usual mode every day, then medium trucks will suit you. The high trucks are more suitable for longboards.

Any such sports equipment needs skateboard wheels maintenance. We always try to keep our favorite things in good condition. And we advise you the same because it keeps up the quality of skateboarding. You have to set up the thing yourself. In some cases, the tightness of trucks is too small. And you cannot ride in due course. The board will oscillate a lot. Or you can purchase a tool with overly tight trucks. Every driver must learn to tighten or loosen the wheels. Let’s see how to do it right.

If Trucks Are Too TightIf Trucks Are Too Loose
Do several spins on one and the other truck in turnTwist each truck so that you do not feel any swaying
Get on a deck in the normal position as usualTry to test the skateboard
Test your feelingsYou should feel sufficient tightness
If you feel tight, repeat the movements againIf you feel loose trucks, then turn the wrench more

Loosening trucks will provide maneuverability and lightness. If they are too tight, you won’t even be able to make a normal turn. The trucks must be tight and stiff for jumps and others in the skateparks. You may loosen it for skateboarding in a technical style and fast riding. But do not overdo the loosening and tightness when adjusting trucks. Too tight trucks will prevent normal turning. At the same time, too loose trucks will shake and vibrate strongly on the road and lead to breakage or deformation.

If the Skate Doesn’t Turn

When you have already learned how to tighten skateboard wheels, but the skateboard has problems with turning, then you should adjust the trucks bolts. The bolts may be tightened too tight. You ought to spin the truck with the wrench and try the wheels with your hands. If you like the movement of the wheels, that’s great.


Skateboarding for fun requires proper adjustment of not only the trucks but the wheels too. It is an essential part of a skateboard. So you ought to adjust them properly too. After all, there are different types of wheels that skaters use for various purposes. Choose a suitable option.

Skateboard Rides to the Side

We can say a few reasons why a board is going on one side. The problems are in the wear of parts:

  • Over time, the deck wears out, and the wheels do not touch the ground.
  • Shabbiness and abrasion skateboard wheel spacers, loss of its shape.
  • You need to replace the bolt in the middle of the truck.



Skateboards are a great sports tool for everyone: from small to large. However, you should treat it carefully, and don’t ride on unprepared roads. Only need one tool, desire, and patience to set up a skateboard. You can take a wrench in your pocket while riding. You can tighten or loosen your trucks for tricks or a quiet speed ride anytime and anywhere. Remember, the better the adjustment and the parts of the skateboard, the more productive the skateboarding will be. All you need is:

  • Know the characteristics of your tool;
  • Understand the purpose of skateboarding;
  • Learn to care for your sport instrument;
  • Clean your skateboard wheels, etc.

The longboard is used for long-distance driving. So you need to tighten the trucks. If you like to do tricks with the usual skate, then trucks should be loosened. Everything is simple enough. You just have to try. Then your tool will serve you long.


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