How to Clean Skateboard Bearings with Household Items?

If we often ride a skate, of course, it loses all its proficient properties. In particular, the board and wheels wear out. And it all depends on the bearings. So, we ought to maintain skateboard bearings from time to time because a variety of dirt remains in this part of the device while riding. It affects all other parts. Accordingly, we can get injured very quickly. I will give some effective means and methods of combating with dirt. If we do not learn how to clean skateboard bearings with household items, we will have to buy a new tool quickly. And you probably don’t want that, do you?

When to Clean & How to Understand?

After a long period of riding, even an inexperienced skater will realize that something is wrong. For some reason, the tool is not riding correctly. What is that? The answer is simple. You need to clean and lubricate the parts.

Leading creator and skateboard designer, Tim Piumarta claims, that every skateboarder should take care of the device and lubricate skateboard wheels. A pleasant attitude will provide a beautiful look and longer life.

I often check the operation of the tool by turning the wheel. Sometimes, it stutters, doesn’t twist, and brakes. That is the cause of the accumulation of dirt. Then I realize that I need to take a bearing cleaner and tidy up everything.

Why the Board does not Go: Reasons

Why the Skateboard does not Go

  • The boot accumulated too much dirt after a long period of riding. It interferes with the bearings, and therefore, contradicts the usual friction;
  • Rust appeared either on the balls or on the inside of the ring.
  • If you greased the parts with a too thick silicone-based lubricant, then after the first ride, it collects a variety of dust and debris.

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings: Momentous Methods

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings

The speed and quality of riding depend on whether the bearings are well lubricated and cleaned. Yes, it’s true. These small details take on a heavy load. After all, they support the wheels you drive. Also, the sealed skateboard bearings ought to have the right size for a great ride too. You must take into account all the nuances. Some parts are collapsible or non-collapsible. The latter does not have a circlip, and a boot is installed tighter. So, you have to take definite steps to clean longboard bearings, skateboard, pennyboard, or others. I wrote ways for both types in the table.

Eliminate dirt. Wipe the outer surface from dust.Pick up the boot on the smaller side with a thin knife.
Bend the circlip with a toothpick or hairpin.Work with the knife carefully, not too deeply. Do not damage the separator.
Remove the boot and wipe as well.Open the bearing gradually in a circle.
Utilize lubricant for bearings.Clean all parts from dust and grease.

So, the process is simple:

  • Disassemble everything into parts;
  • Soak in spirit or other components.
  • You can also utilize acetone to clean bearings. (I’ll talk about the types of home remedies later.)
  • And gently wipe, lubricate, and put everything in place.

If you are doing it for the first time, then the most difficulty is disassembling the whole bearing.

What to Use to Clean Skate Bearings?

I have already tried many various specialized tools. They all have the same effect as accustomed items that you can find at home. What do I use?

I found a classy way a long time ago. First of all, I use very different substances. First, of course, I take away all redundancy of dust and dirt from the outside with a dry cloth. Then I disassemble the bearings and soak them in diesel. I use the same product all the time. After the procedure, I pour it into a jar and close the lid. Of course, it is already dirty, but it does not affect the next cleaning. It dissolves old bike chain lube and dirt.

What to Use to Clean Skate Bearings

So, as you know, that’s not all procedure. The diesel does not help much. The next step is the immersion in water with some detergent.  However, ordinary soap doesn’t always cope with heavy dirt. I use dish soap very often. It masters well with sand. I lightly shake the container with the solution that contains the bearing.

Another problem is rust. Very often skaters, disassembling the details, notice it. It harms the tool and, therefore, you have to dispose of it. I get rid of it rubbing alcohol. Or even just soak details in it for a few seconds. Alcohol doesn’t allow rust. And the parts dry very quickly. After all, water with spirit evaporates instantly.

I often read on forums the issue, can you clean skateboard bearings with hydrogen peroxide? You must know that this solution has alcohol, but not only. And it is very harmful to your details. I do not recommend using it.

The lubrication should be the last step before installing the parts in place. In this manner, you can use a specialized tool. I often use coconut oil. It doesn’t harm. That stage is too momentous because the previous lubrication disappears after cleaning. And without it, the skate won’t ride properly and wears out quickly.



How to Take Shields off Skateboard Bearings?

You will need a paper clip that should go a few millimeters into the bearing. Clicking on it, the seal should fly. And you need to put everything in place by clamping the seal to the bearing.

Can You Clean Skateboard Bearings with WD40?

WD-40 does not have a good effect on bearings. It may reduce the endurance of the device. Yes, you can clean the tool with it, but gently. I would recommend removing the plastic flaps first. Never use it as a lubricant. It is not adapted to this procedure.

How to Clean Penny Board Bearings?

I disassemble the details of all the boards equally. You will need a few drops of alcohol or try cleaning skate bearings with mineral spirits. Such items assist me. So, place the parts in the solution and shake. Then wipe it and grease. Perform the procedure with one wheel in turn.

How to Clean Rusty Skateboard Bearings?

I would advise you to buy better new ones. Because after one rust there will be another and so on. I once tried to clean rust with toothpaste. It helped. Lubricate the bearings with it. And in a few minutes, you will see that the pasta has turned brown. Then rinse it with water.

What's the Best Way to Clean Ball Bearings for Skate?

You need to take any solution like Windex. A simple spinning, a dry cloth, a hairdryer, etc. will help you to clean from dust. I always spin them a few times. Sometimes I just blow them.

How Often to Clean Bearings?

I clean the bearings as they get dirty. But as a rule, I do this procedure once every two or three months. I do not abuse that, because cleaning to some extent also leads to wear. And most importantly, do not forget about the lubrication process with speed skate bearing oil or some other. It is mandatory after each cleaning.


As we have said, even classy tools need care, cleaning, and lubrication. There are many household items to clean and methods that help you cope with the task. I tried a few, and they clean even the hardest areas. I think the methods and processes are not embarrassing. Good non-adventurous skateboarding depends on the quality and cleanliness of many parts together. So, if you want to ensure a long life for your instrument, select the best way to clean skateboard bearings.


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