How to Lock Up a Longboard and Skateboard

If you’ve learned to skateboard and even bought some for yourself, that’s great. However, the next task is to save it from thieves. After all, many people can steal anything and everywhere. So, I have listed several available types of locks and gave tips on how to lock up a longboard and skateboard?

Chart: Types of Locks for Skates

Locks are a necessary accessory for most people who like to ride to school, work, or shop on their electric skateboards, bicycles, scooters, longboards, and so on. They are profitable and increase the time of theft. Of course, no one can ensure your thing against such an unpleasant situation. However, you’ll reduce the chances of stealing.

Today, there are many types, among which not everyone can select the right thing quickly and efficiently. I picked some kinds in the chart and its features.

Lock with key- You may lose the key;
- It's easy to knock down with a hammer.
Combination lock- You can forget the code;
+ It is difficult to select a combination;
+ Reliable.
Bracket lock
+ High level of protection;
- Heavy and bulky;
- Inflexible and hard to use.
Chain lock- Heavy and bulky;
+ Suppleness;
+ Convenient and reliable.
Cable lock+ It is difficult to cut with tongs;
+ Lightweight and easy to use;
+ Sufficient level of protection.
Rope lock+ Lightweight and flexible;
- Low level of protection;
- Easy to cut with tongs.

Best Skateboard & Longboard Lock

As I said, the variety of protective equipment today is impressive. Everyone must decide on the size, dimensions, practicality, etc. And sooner or later, you’ll have to lock your electric skateboard, longboard, or scooter, for example, in cases where you cannot take it with you. So, I picked up the most popular and relevant locks for people, confused about the choice.

ValetMyStick Skateboard Lock

Best Skateboard Lock

I recommend looking at a sturdy steel ValetMyStick cable (4-foot). It is interwoven and covered with vinyl. It has a combination lock, and you can lock up a skateboard to any stationary object with four digits. It is 6 mm thick and 11 inches long. So, the size allows you to pinch it anywhere, thanks to flexibility and lightness.

Titanker 4-Feet Combination Lock Cable

Best Longboard Lock

I also recommend looking at the Titanker steel cable. It is flexible, so you can easily attach it to any pole. Also, look at its 4-digit locking system. PVC coating adds protection to the cable from rain or scratches and serves for better defense. I still think you should not leave your vehicle for a long time, even in the best lock. Of course, not everyone can open such a lock from the first time. Choosing a combination will take a long period. However, anything is possible.

Wsdcam Lock with Remote Security Lock System

Wsdcam Lock with Remote Security Lock System

Do you ask how to lock up a skateboard with a bike lock? Take a look at the Wsdcam lock, which is equipped with a signal and remote control. It will start working at the first signs of touch and vibration. It is sturdy, flexible with allowable dimensions and length (31.49″). The combination consists of 4 digits, so you choose any scheme. If someone enters the wrong code, the alarm turns on.

Tips on How to Safely Protect Your Skateboard from Theft

How to Safely Protect Your Skateboard from Theft

  • Don’t forget about the closet if you have one at work or school.
  • Purchase a specialized cable lock. When buying a skateboard, you can choose with a built-in hole to fasten the lock. You attach the vehicle to a tree, a pole, and so on. Choose a very high-quality strong cord with a combination.
  • Alarm clock. In addition to the lock, you can attach an alarm to the board. This specialized item has a vibrating alert and is battery-operated. It is not expensive, and in case someone grabs your board, an alarm is triggered. Today, there are ready-made locks on the signaling.
  • Find a Rack. A skateboard lock rack is a useful thing, but not in all cases. Many Reddit users claim that thieves could unscrew wheels or other parts even with a rack. Nevertheless, it will still reduce the likelihood of theft.
  • Buy a backpack. I still advise you to carry a deck in your bag. So, you will be sure that no one will steal it. Even if you lock up a longboard at school, you won’t be sure. Someone can cut the rope with tongs during your class, and you say goodbye skate.



Very often, there are various nasty situations of theft of newly purchased items. Unfortunately, the situation is unpleasant for us if we can’t get our thing back. The modern market offers us variants in the form of various locks, with the most versatile functions. So, in this article, you learned how to lock up a longboard, what types exist, how to protect and defend your skate. Lastly, don’t leave your device too long, even in a lock. After all, someone can unscrew the details.


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