Is It Illegal to Ride a Skateboard Without a Helmet

Too many experienced riders do not like to wear protection, including a helmet. However, in some states and cities, riding is prohibited without such things. So, let’s understand some issues. Is it illegal to ride a skateboard without a helmet? What is the benefit of such protection? What are the basic rules for safe driving?

Can You Ride a Skateboard Without a Helmet?

I browsed various informative sites. Based on all modern standards, you do not have to wear helmets constantly. There are no fixed rules in the United States, except for California. Pediatricians of the school of medicine insist on the use of helmets, especially for children. After all, an extremely large number of children were injured while driving without protection.

Considering skateboard helmet laws in the USA, riders ought to take such gear at most skateparks and places for riding. Of course, no one forbids you to ride on your street or near the house without a helmet. However, think about how much time you will spend recovering from a head injury.

Is It Worth Wearing a Helmet?

Can You Ride a Skateboard Without a Helmet

I wrote a few pros and cons in the chart. I have a few “yes” and “no” from my own experience and the experience of my acquaintances. So, is it worth it or not?


  • Less likely to have severe head injuries.
  • A sense of security.
  • Less recovery time with a strong impact.
  • Minimal chances of getting to the hospital.


  • Increased feeling of sweating.
  • Inconvenience when skating.
  • The look wants to be better.
  • Slight damage to the hair.

Skates are one of the means of transportation that young people conquer nowadays. Some people learn this sport very quickly. Others practice for a long time to learn balance on deck. Some people immediately think about their safety, while others do not even want to wear a helmet on a skateboard.

Safety in sports is a difficult topic. No one and nothing can guarantee it to you. Even the slightest fall can cause great injury. However, I believe that using protective gear and following a few basic skateboarding rules and regulations will make your riding safer.

A Few Rules for Safe Riding

  1. Choose the safest places, i.e., those that are designed for your riding. Avoid large highways, and private areas, parking lots, etc.
  2. Get protection that includes knee and elbow pads, comfortable shoes. You will be happy to stay without fractures, bruises, and dislocations when falling.
  3. Select the safest helmet for skateboarding. Note a few options. First, think about the right size. You need to weigh all possible options well and choose the most suitable one. Try to take only the appropriate type that meets all standards. Consider the possibility of ventilation and the presence of straps for quality and strong fastening.
  4. Ride wisely. Do not do anything stupid so as not to harm yourself or others. Otherwise, you may suffer from bad consequences. Assess your skill level, and don’t try to exceed it right away.


Do Skateboard Helmets Prevent Concussions?

No, helmets are designed to protect your skull from external bruises and fractures. However, concussions are quite different. After all, the brain is inside the head. So, if you hit your head too hard, you can get concussions either in a helmet or without it.

Why Should You Wear a Helmet When Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a rather traumatic sport. Limbs and head are especially affected. So, protective equipment helps to protect you from serious injuries. A helmet protects from splits and fractures of a skull. Therefore, you must wear it.

Is a Bike Helmet Ok for Skateboarding?

If you have chosen a helmet that matches the CPSC-compliant, then you can take it for skating. There are different products in structure, shape, etc. The form of bike helmets is slightly different from the specialized one. So, there is no guarantee that it will be ok for you.


Skateboarding can become a dangerous and traumatic sport without a helmet and other gear. For example, I know one woman who has two teenage children. And she is always a fan of helmets. That’s why I respect her attitude to the safety of her children. You can feel great on a skateboard one day. And in a few days, you may fall and hit your head. So, be careful not to become a vegetable. I hope you understand that your safety is the basic rule.


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