Is Skateboarding Bad for Your Knees

The passion and popularity of skateboarding today are unbelievable. It strengthens muscles, burns extra calories, and brings pleasure. However, as you probably know, it can cause many injuries. Most of you have experienced unpleasant pain during almost every riding, haven’t you? So, is skateboarding bad for your knees? You’ll learn in the article how to reduce or even avoid injuries and much more.

How Does Skating Affect Knees and Body?

Skate training can be different. Some people love an easy cruise and relaxation, while others like incredible tricks and extreme. Nevertheless, any skating can cause injury. According to research from the University of Rochester Medical Center, the ability to fall right and have protective equipment are the basic rules for avoiding it. It’s no secret that skateboarding ruins knees or arms if they are without clothes. Besides, 74 percent of all injuries go to the extremities.

Extreme riding also leads to another variety of injuries. I have described the most common in the chart. It helps you understand certain pain sensations. This way, in the case of personal injuries, you will understand the cause of the pain and what to do.

Type of InjuryPart that most often affectedExplanationHow to treat?
Bruises and ScratchesAnkles and Shins
  • You can hit yourself with a deck.
  • You will see blue painful spots or cuts with blood.
Ice or bactericidal agent.
Heel bruiseHeel
  • You may experience severe sharp pain in the heel.
  • It heals for a long time.
  • It occurs when landing incorrectly.
Ice, rest, compression.
Hot PocketsAnkle
  • Pain in the front of the ankle.
  • Landing in case of heavyweight forward.
Ice, rest, stretching exercises.
  • It occurs when improperly landing with a blow to the ankle.
  • Severe prolonged pain.
  • It's hard to get on your feet.
See a doctor, analgesics.
FracturesWrist, Fingers
  • Severe pain, possible deformity.
  • Unsuccessful fall on the hands.
Visiting a doctor, analgesics.

Guides: How to Strengthen Knees for Skating

Given all the possible bad consequences, do not forget that this sport is also most useful for muscle development and strengthening. You can easily avoid pain with smart and careful riding. Is skateboarding or longboarding bad for your knees?

You may feel bad in a few cases:

  • Aren’t wearing protective gear.
  • Have problems with the health of your extremities.
  • Can’t fall properly.
  • Poorly prepared, and your muscles are too weak.

How to Strengthen Knees for Skating

Let’s learn how to strengthen our knees. However, try to warm up the whole body. I have selected some of the most effective exercises. You must perform them before and after riding.

Several Exercises

  • First, do a basic warm-up with your hands, circular turns, and then hips.
  • Begin stretching the calf. Heat them properly. Leaving the heel on the floor, lift the sock, and stretch the calf. Do this exercise on the slope. Easily, please do not overdo it.
  • Work on the thighs and pelvis. To do this task, you can do squats on your feet.
  • Stretch your ankles with simple turns in both directions, on both sides.
  • Get some rest. However, also do a warm-up after the ride to keep your muscles toned.

So, does skateboarding mess up your knees? Yes, if you abuse knee pads. So, just put on protection and ride with caution.


How to Avoid Skateboarding Injuries?

Quality protective gear is the first characteristic that you will avoid the most serious injuries. Of course, you must follow the correct riding technique. Do some stretching exercises before riding.

Is Skateboarding Bad for Your Body?

No. This sport only strengthens certain muscle groups throughout the body. Of course, you can injure your legs, knees, and arms. However, you won't see a bad effect on the body.

What Should I Do If I Feel Pain in My Leg During Riding?

If you suddenly feel knee pain when skateboarding, then stop riding. You probably injured your limb, dislocated it, and got a bruise, and so on. Therefore, it is better to stop. Determine why you are in pain and maybe see a doctor.



Skateboarding injuries compared to other popular sports are much smaller. However, they still happen quite often. The main blow falls on the legs and knees, so these parts of the body are most affected. Follow the basic rules to avoid bad consequences while riding. I hope you understand the benefits of protective gear, warm-up exercises, quality equipment, and more.


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