Penny Board 22 vs. 27 Inches

Much more often, I meet young people with bright plastic skates on the streets of my city. I notice penny boards. The driving on it is becoming increasingly popular. There are different size charts, characteristics, quality of material to pay attention to when buying. However, they differ most in their design. Coloring in all models impresses with its diversity. You may even be familiar with skates that have backlit wheels. Everyone will be able to select their coloration, size, and design. However, every novice ought to find out what penny board 22 vs. 27 inches is superiorly for an apprentice.

22 or 27 Inch Penny Board

The classic pennyboard is a small board on which you can ride and perform tricks. You will be able to take it on a journey because it has little weight. However, other types may differ in the width and length of the board, wheels, material, and so on. Often beginners select a skate for a long time. Why so? It has different sizes, various wheels, and purposes. And everyone wants to make an impression of riding for a few attempts, right? So, I decided to show the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of boards. You will be able to compare and choose the one that suits you.



  • Cheaper
  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight


  • Less stable
  • Harder to manage
  • Mostly for tricks, and not for long distances



  • More stable
  • Easier to manage
  • For those who like long distances


  • More expensive
  • Heavier and larger
  • Mostly for cruising

What Size Suits Me?

Every experienced rider, looking at the person on a skateboard, will say whether the board is chosen correctly in size. But a novice cannot understand all the nuances immediately before buying. After all, besides penny board dimensions, there are also different sizes of hardware. If you plan to assemble a skate, then you need to pick up all the parts in size correctly. Of course, I advise you to purchase a ready-made assembled model. Let’s understand the difference between the two most common measures of penny boards.

All models are classified by board size, created from plastic. When you come to the store you will see:

  • A small models measuring 17 inches;
  • The most popular among teens is 22 inches in size;
  • 27-inch boards, which are called nickel or longboards;
  • An enormous 36-inch board created recently and isn’t very popular.

How Big Is a Penny Board?

How Big Is a Penny Board

Today, you’ll be able to see a 22-inch (56 cm) board on the streets. They are classic, mostly 6 inches (15 cm) wide. They are the most available owing to the lower price compared to others. It is light in weight and compact. So, you may hide them in any backpack. However, they are not ideal for an apprentice. It will be difficult for you to learn to keep your balance. Also, they are not designed for long distances.

If you take into account the penny board size comparison, the nickel tool is more suitable for people at the beginning of training. It is 27″ (71 cm) in length and 7.5 inches (19 cm) in width. The model is also quite popular. An individual can learn to keep the balance easier and faster. It’s, of course, heavier and less compact than the previous model, I was talking about. Also, it is more expensive. However, you will feel the result much faster. When riding long distances, you’ll get more freedom and good emotions from the trip. Teenagers, beginner, fat people, and the person with big feet may learn to ride such a model faster than a classic penny. It is also suitable for students. After all, it is an ideal option for a college ride.

22 or 27 Inch Penny Board

Speaking of adjacent boards – 17-inch and 36-inch variants:

  • 17″ – is a too small board. You won’t be able to take it for a long distance. And a beginner can’t learn skateboarding on it right away. It isn’t a popular model today.
  • 36″ – is a longboard, which is designed for the fastest long distances trip. Athletes and professionals use such models. Beginners will not be able to ride them right away.

And a few more tips:

  • Think about your safety and don’t forget about your riding equipment.
  • Purchase a case so that you may carry the board more comfortably.
  • Choose a deck based on the purpose for which you’ll ride.



Nickel Board vs. Penny Board

If someone is just planning to learn skateboarding or perform tricks, then he/she should choose the right board. I may advise you to select the one that suits you. That is, take into account the goal. After all, the nickel tool is longer. It is 27" and is more immovable for faster driving. But the pennyboard is 22", and it may be utilized for tricks. So, pay attention to your goals, desires, and preferences.

Is a 22 or 27 Penny Board Better for Beginners?

A novice prefers a 22-inch tool owing to the low cost. However, such a device is short and less resistant. And its top side is slippery, so a beginner can't learn to balance it easily. But the 27" decks are more resilient, and you can drive on it easily. Such a tool has more weight and difficult to carry. However, I consider the nickel is more suitable for people who are just beginning their journey in this sport. And choosing the right tools is too momentous.


Each person has his manner of driving. The tools are created in different sizes according to the style. So, before purchasing, you should learn about the types and formats of boards. After all, nickel is superiorly suited for big feet, in contradistinction to 22 inches board that is light and narrower. Smaller penny boards are only suitable for short distances, but you can perform simple tricks on it. I would recommend you ask for advice from specialists, experienced sellers.

Thus, both boards have advantages and disadvantages. But still, if you are just burning with desire, then, think carefully about your choice, compare tools. So, I hope the information was helpful to you. What size penny board should I get? I prefer a 27″ nickel tool. It is more resistant and faster. When I started my skateboarding journey, I bought it. This model is created for the novice. And, besides, people with a lot of weight can stand firm on it.


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