What Size Hardware Do I Need for My Skateboard

Do you love extreme sports? I think you want to learn how to perform various tricks on a skateboard, don’t you? Such sport is a great form of recreation for young and older people. Thanks to the correctly formed board, you can enjoy simply fast driving outside the city. And performing tricks will bring you great pleasure. But the first question that probably arises when buying is “what size hardware do I need for my skateboard”? In this paragraph, I will give you some useful help on the choice, the right sizes, and much more verified information.

What Size Hardware Should I Get for My Skateboard?

Choosing the right equipment accessories is very momentous, not only for a person who wants to learn to skate. Experienced skateboarders, first of all, pay a lot of attention to the choice. Your safety depends on the correctly selected and put together elements.

Selecting of Parts Guide: What to Look for?

The material of a deck

Selecting of Skateboard Parts Guide

The deck is the main part of all. When buying, you must take into account that you are stepping on it. Therefore, you should feel comfortable and convenient. Of course, the size of all the particles is a momentous option. They must be selected for an 8.0 deck or another size worthily. Note that more expensive tools have more layers of material, which makes them stronger. There are different deck widths from 7.4″ to more than 8.5″.

According to research by East Tennessee State University, the width of the board can vary from 7-1/2 to 10 inches. My advice to you: choose it for your convenience and functionality. Of course, if you want to do tricks, a narrow deck will perform such function better. On the other hand, it’s more difficult to control it. Why is the choice of bolts, wrenches, and skateboard hardware nut size so momentous?

Once, my friend at the beginning, when he was learning to skate, bought a very narrow deck. He found some nuts from another tool at home. Put it all together. He rides well, but when he performed the simplest tricks, the deck “did not listen” to him during landing. Of course, he thought he would first learn to ride on a cheap, narrower board. However, this is a very wrong opinion.

My friend later realized that all parts had to be the right size, even the smallest nuts. I always advise everyone to buy more expensive, high-quality skateboard mounting hardware.

Width of trucks

Best trucks for skateboard

The productiveness of your skate depends directly on the trucks that have different widths. You have to pick them up under the deck. Another important point is their height, according to the diameter of the wheels. They consist of several parts. Each of them is very necessary, and you need to choose the right truck bolts size.

What should you consider? Width is momentous too much. For instance, if your deck is 8.1″ wide, the suspensions should not exceed this value. Think for yourself. It is enough that it’ll look completely unaesthetic. You ought to take trucks hanger 5.0″ wide for 7.75 skateboards. And wider suspensions have a bad effect on driving and performing tricks. The narrower board becomes less controlled. It can tilt in any direction. The kick from a failed landing will fall on the ribs, and this part will break faster. Also, you can fall and be injured when jumping, and so on.

Stiffness and diameter of wheels

skateboard hardware nut size

What does the wheel affect? Yes, for the function of the quality riding. That is, you certainly need to know, for what purpose you will use the tool: for tricks, extreme or a long drive around the city. The choice of size depends on it. For example, for an 8.25 skateboard, you can buy wheels with a diameter of 54 – 60 mm.

You probably know that the wheels are soft and hard. For normal movement, you cannot confuse your head, and choose soft wheels. It will be much easier for you to ride them. On the other hand, they are wider. So, you won’t perform tricks on it.

Extreme riding in a skate park and tricks require stiffer wheels. They are usually narrower, lighter in weight, and smaller in diameter. I advise you to start buying medium-sized wheels, about 52 – 54 mm. Also, choose medium stiffness.

Note that you can also purchase skateboard risers to lift your device. They help to avoid very strong kicks. So, you will keep the wheels in better condition longer.

Bearings and screws

Best Bearings for skateboard

The safety of the rider, the speed, and the quality of the tricks depends on the right bearings. They must be expensive and high-quality. You have to choose the size according to the size of the wheels. The screw size is also different, from 7/8 – 2″.

Bolts and wrench for skateboard

Another factor that affects the quality of driving from the beginning is all the small tools. Imagine that you have already put all the purchased parts together. And one bolt has a small size. So, it was screwed incorrectly. You drive, and it takes off. As a result, you fall and stumble on a straight road. Is it funny or dangerous? Maybe, both. Every part size is momentous. The wrench helps to loosen or tighten the wheel suspensions anywhere. Thanks to the right purchase of small accessories, you will be confident in the strength and maneuverability of your tool.

Exact Dimensions Table

How to know what size hardware for a skateboard is required? The question is not entirely correct. It all depends on your riding style, your height, your foot size, and your tastes. If you want to buy your first board, I advise you to come to any skate shop and look there for complete sets. You can find already assembled boards there. If you do not have such a store in your place, then I offer you a size chart table. It will be useful to you if you order a skate in online stores.

Width of DeckWidth of TruckAxle LengthWheel SizeShoe SizeGrowth
7.4” – 7.8”5.0”7.6”48 – 54 mm5” – 6.5”55” – 59”
7.8” – 8.1”5.25”8.0”54 – 56 mm6.5” – 8”59” – 69”
8.1” – 8.5” 5.5”8.2”56 – 58 mm8” – 9.5”62” – 72”
more than 8.5”5.75”8.4”58 – 60 mm9.5” – 11.5”70” – 76”

We should also mention skateboard rail savers. They are also needed for quality slides and grabs. As you have already understood, the choice of all parts correctly and comprehensively is essential for everyone. Even the wrong bolt can lead to falls and injuries. Don’t you know how to combine all the parts correctly? It is better to listen to the opinion of experts.



Probably every fan of extreme sports seeks to conquer all the peaks at once, right? However, this process is not easy right away. Even learning to keep your skate balance is difficult for a beginner. The first rule for every beginner is to select the exact skateboard hardware 10/32, choosing all the parts correctly. The clothing, protection, and footwear affect the process. I always advise everyone to buy quality, reliable ready-made kits at the beginning. If the smallest bolt is the wrong size, it can fly out and affect poor landing or speed.

So, what does the size of the hardware do to the skateboard? Properly selected equipment affects many options:

  • Facilitates fast riding;
  • Reduces the risk of injury;
  • Accelerates the learning process;
  • Improves the property of tricks;
  • Adds confidence.

So, my advice to you: pay attention to all the details, even the smallest ones. A quality thing will serve you much longer. If you do not know how to assemble and create a beautiful set, it is better to buy ready-made things. And later, you will begin to understand what item you should replace or how everything works.


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