Why Are Boosted Boards So Expensive

Every rider sometimes thinks about buying a powerful e-board. However, we become thoughtful, paying attention to its prices. We can find a deck for $200. This will be the cheapest option among the products of this type. However, the cost can be several thousand dollars. Then many ask the question of whether it is worth it? Why are boosted boards so expensive? In this article, you will learn the answers to the following questions. We provide several significant advantages and disadvantages. Find out what features and details affect the price. So, let’s get started.

What Affects the High Cost?

We often ask ourselves how much do boosted boards cost. We compare prices with regular skates and see a significant difference. What does it depend on? Several parts and features affect the price. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

  • What about the motor? – The sort of motor plays an important role in the work of the skate. The value of the engine can range from 50 to 300 dollars. The tools with dual power are certainly more valuable. The cheapest boosted board can have a single engine.
  • Does the battery play a role in the price? – It is the most important of all the parts. The motor will not run without it. Therefore, the range of batteries influences the price. The accumulator can be around $150 – $500. The best battery will last you longer. I think it’s worth thinking about.
  • Why can a board be the cause of high cost? – The size, the number of plywood, quality, type, material, the number of outer layers affect the value. Depending on this, the cost of a wooden deck can be $30 – $200, and carbon 200 – 500$.
  • Does the brand matter? – You’ll pay the normal price for a boosted board of not very famous brands. Conversely, the price rises due to a well-known firm. Customer service by famous companies is better sometimes. Howsoever, the quality of skates often does not differ much.
  • Speed – Crazy speed is often a staple for many professionals. E-boards can overcome 25-28 mph. They are one of the most worthy. Still, for a safe ride, I recommend choosing a reliable helmet and other accessories. Speeding can be dangerous and traumatic.

Boosted Board: Pros and Cons

how to get a boosted board for cheap

There are many advantages, as well as many disadvantages of such transport boards according to experienced riders. One rider singled out pros and cons on the Reddit site, based on his experience about his boosted board. However, they are approximately similar to all other tools. So, I took into account the research, descriptions, and my own experience. You can see the superiority and drawback in the table.

Pros Cons
Beautiful design High cost
Stability and maneuverability Weighs a lot
Endurance and durability Dangerous
High speed Requires charging
Remote control Expensive details
Portability Less variety of styles


Comparing the two opposite blocks, you can assess for yourself a few basic principles. Especially, whether it is worth buying such a vehicle for yourself.

What Peculiarities Are Worth Noting?

Many beginners think about, are boosted boards worth it? To be honest, I’m a fan of any skateboards, including electric ones. I know that they have something that attracts the attention of professionals. Let’s think about what features are worth noting.

  • The boards have excellent maneuverability and stability.
  • You can control the brakes remotely.
  • They are much more durable than regular skates.
  • Remote controls allow you to control the engine and coordinate the movement.
  • The boards can develop a high speed even up to 28 mph.

Boosted Board: Pros and Cons

Despite good boosted board prices, they can serve you much longer than a regular skate lasts. My friend has traveled more than 3,500 miles on his e-board. He says that it is still in excellent condition. He cannot complain that its price is high. After all, he has already replaced the parts several times in his usual board. Therefore, it is already reaching a sufficient price.


Any transport has its advantages and disadvantages. The price of an e-board is quite high for many reasons. The parts of different quality affect the cost of the tool. If you are a fan of fast driving, then do not limit yourself to this hobby. Especially, since such boards can go for 2-3 years without replacing details.

The price depends on what kind of transport will suit you according to the type of battery, speed, board material, etc. Be smart in your choice, and don’t think about how to get a boosted board for cheap. Your satisfaction depends on quality. Also, don’t forget about safety. After all, riding on such an e-board can be dangerous.

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